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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club

Hills R Us

Hills R Us rolls weekly on Wednesdays

Ride leader announces the start location and route (see blog posts below) on the Monday prior. Download the route, and/or print the cue sheet, ride leaders do not provide printouts.

  • HRU logistics have been updated for COVID restrictions
  • Riders sign in* and start at any time during a 15 minute time window
  • Please keep riding groups at fewer than 15-20 riders
  • All riders must be WWBC Members
  • As with all WWBC rides, face masks are mandatory for everyone at ride start and at regroups

Hills R Us rolls within a 15 minute time window. This is a social-paced D ride with regroups; faster riders are welcome to form a D+/E group.

April - November:  Meet and Roll between 8:45 am and 9:00 am 
December - March:  Meet and Roll between 9:45 am and 10:00 am

A selection of routes can be found in the WW Ride with GPS Route Catalog > use tag "HRU".

* Sign in – Email the Ride Leader in advance, or meet at the start and let the Ride Leader know you’re here! If you join mid-ride, and don’t see the ride leader, send them a text / email - we are required to have attendance information for all riders.

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  • Mon, September 02, 2019 4:09 PM | Anonymous member

    Coastal Classic Sans King Mtn

    Route Selection Steve Chapel

    60 Miles, 6200 Ft. Because  Kings is closed take Skyline to 84 East. a bit more climbing but not too much.

    Lunch at Bike Hut.

    Route on Ride with GPS: Coastal Classic Sans King Mtn

    Notes Miles
    Start - Shoup Park  0
    L University Ave 0.1
    L Burke Rd 0.2
    R Chapin Rd 0.6
    R Elena Rd 1.7
    L Taaffe Rd 1.9
    R Altamont Rd 2.8
    L Page Mill Rd 3.8
    Cont. Alpine Rd 10.3
    Cont. Pescadero Creek Rd 17.8
    L CA-84 W 18.9
    R Stage Rd 26.4
    R CA-1 N 27.5
    R Tunitas Creek Rd 29.1
    Sharp right onto CA-35 38.5
    L CA-84 E 44
    R Whiskey Hill Rd 50.1
    L Sand Hill Rd 51.5
    R Santa Cruz Ave 54.4
    L Junipero Serra Blvd 54.5
    R Main St 60
    L University Ave 60
    R Shoup 60.2
  • Mon, August 26, 2019 3:41 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    This doesn't meet Valerie's request for "an easy day Weds please", sorry!

    Redwood Gulch, South Skyline, Bear Creek, through Big Basin and back. On the way, we can check out the new facilities at the Robert C. Kirkwood entrance to Castle Rock State Park.

    Distance: 77 miles
    Elevation Gain: 8,283 ft

    Lunch: Junction Park, Boulder Creek. Bring, or buy at Johnnie's in Boulder Creek


  • Mon, August 19, 2019 7:42 PM | Anonymous member

    Wednesday's HillsRUs will do Pescadero Counterclockwise with the added bonus of riding along the coast from San Gregorio to Bean Hollow. Since WestOLH is closed we will take Skyline to 84.

    RidewithGPS Link:https://ridewithgps.com/routes/28022035

    Distance: 69 miles

    Elevation: 6500 feet

    Lunch:  Arcangelies Deli in Pescadero

    Turn right toward University Ave 0.0 mi
    Turn left onto University Ave 0.1 mi
    Turn left onto Burke Rd 0.2 mi
    Turn right onto Old Altos Rd 0.2 mi
    Turn right onto Fremont Rd 0.3 mi
    Turn left onto Concepcion Rd 1.4 mi
    Turn right onto Purissima Rd 2.3 mi
    Turn left to stay on Purissima Rd 2.5 mi
    Turn left onto Arastradero Rd 3.7 mi
    Turn left onto Page Mill Rd 4.3 mi
    Turn right onto Arastradero Rd 4.6 mi
    Turn left onto Alpine Rd 6.6 mi
    Turn right onto Portola Rd 7.7 mi
    Turn left onto Old La Honda Rd 10.6 mi
    Turn left onto CA-35 14.0 mi
    Turn right onto Old La Honda Rd 14.0 mi
    Slight left onto CA-84 W 16.6 mi
    Sharp right to stay on CA-84 W 24.2 mi
    Turn left onto CA-1 S 28.8 mi
    Turn left onto Bean Hollow Rd 36.3 mi
    Slight right onto Pescadero Creek Rd 38.8 mi
    Turn left onto Stage Rd 39.5 mi
    Make a U-turn 39.7 mi
    Turn left onto Pescadero Creek Rd 39.9 mi
    Sharp right to stay on Pescadero Creek Rd 51.7 mi
    Continue straight onto Alpine Rd 51.8 mi
    Turn left to stay on Alpine Rd 54.4 mi
    Continue onto Page Mill Rd 59.2 mi
    Turn right onto Altamont Rd 65.7 mi
    Turn left onto Taaffe Rd 66.7 mi
    Turn left to stay on Taaffe Rd 67.0 mi
    Turn right onto Elena Rd 67.6 mi
    Turn left onto Robleda Rd 67.8 mi
    Slight right onto Chapin Rd 68.6 mi
    Turn left onto Burke Rd 68.9 mi
    Turn right onto University Ave 69.3 mi

  • Wed, August 14, 2019 9:00 AM | Anonymous member

    The Hills-R-Us ride for 8/14/19 will be: The Coastal Classic.  Rumor has it that both WOLH and King Mountain are closed so if true we will be going down both sides of 84.

    Link:  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/9610455 std coastal classic - Black/Blue text

    https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30819783  revised coastal classic - Black/Red Text

    Leader: Paul Melville
    Distance:  56 or 62 miles
    Elevation:  5500 ft
    Lunch: The Bike Hut, bring or buy at La Honda Mkt
    Shoup Park
    L University Ave

    L Burke Rd

    R Old Altos Rd

    R W Fremont Rd

    L Concepcion Rd

    R Purissima Rd

    L Arastradero Rd

    L Page Mill Rd

    R Arastradero Rd 

    L Alpine Rd

    R Portola Rd 

    Regroup at Little Peoples Park

    L Old La Honda Rd 

    Regroup at top (Skyline Blvd)

    S Old La Honda West

    or R on skyline

    L down 84

    L CA Hwy 84 group

    Regroup at La Honda Mkt

    R Stage Rd

    R Hwy 1

    R Tunitas Creek

    Lunch at the Bike Hut

    Regroup at top (Skyline Blvd)

    C Kings Mountain

    or R on Skyline

    L down 84

    R Portola Rd

    L Sand Hill Rd

    L Woodside Rd (Hwy 84)

    Regroup at Roberts Store

    R Mountain Home Rd

    L Manzanita Wy

    L Sand Hill Rd

    R Santa Cruz Ave

    L Junipero Serra Blvd 

    C Foothill Expy.

    R Main St

    L University Ave

    R Shoup Park        

  • Wed, August 07, 2019 9:00 AM | Michael Khaw (Administrator)

    8/6/19 late update: I've just been informed that Montebello may be closed for repairs all August, M–F 8:30am–6pm. If that's the case, we'll substitute Quarry/Villa Oaks, Parker Ranch and Regnart for Montebello: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30774537 (cue sheet: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30774537/cue_sheet), 36.4 miles, 3,700 ft. Same water/restroom stops, but mileages are now 8.9 and 30.4

    Forecast says it'll be cold up on Skyline, so let's do a few climbs we've neglected for a while. No lunch stop, bring snack a/o lunch. Rain cancels.

    leader: Michael Khaw

    distance: 40 miles; climb: 4,300 ft.

    GPS: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30625871

    cue sheet: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30625871/cue_sheet (If it doesn't work, go to the GPS link, click on "More" near the top left, then click "Print cuesheet" from the resulting popup menu)

    Regroups at tops of: Montebello, Redwood Gulch, Sanborn, and Toll Gate.

    1st restroom & water break between Montebello and Redwood Gulch on Stevens Canyon Rd. just past the Mt. Eden fork (~mile 18).

    2nd restroom & water break at McClellan Ranch Park (~mile 33.5).

  • Wed, July 31, 2019 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Going Coastal again!  Bring a light jacket, could be cool.

    65 miles, 7,209' elevation gain per RWGPS

    Lunch at Arcangeli's Grocery in Pescadero

    Download the route and cue sheet from RWGPS
    (Club Members - check out the WW Premium Club Account info)

    Rain Cancels

  • Wed, July 24, 2019 9:00 AM | Anonymous member

    NOTE STARTING POINT:  Pioneer Saloon in Woodside

    HillsRUs will go north this week to visit Sweeney Ridge, Pacifica and Devils Slide. To fit this into a normal HillsRUs distance we will start from the Pioneer Saloon in Woodside at the normal times. Feel free to ride to the start if you want a longer ride

    RidewithGPS Link:  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29570795

    Distance: 65 miles

    Elevation Gain: 5900 feet

    Lunch: San Benito House in Half Moon Bay (corner of Mill St and Main)

    Turn left onto Woodside Rd 0.0 mi
    Slight right onto Cañada Road 0.2 mi
    Turn left onto CA-92 W 7.6 mi
    Turn right onto CA-35/Skyline Blvd 8.2 mi
    Turn right onto CA-35/Golf Course Dr/Hayne Rd 11.2 mi
    Turn left onto CA-35/Black Mountain Rd/Skyline Blvd 11.4 mi
    Turn right onto Trousdale Dr 14.3 mi
    Turn left onto Hunt Dr 14.4 mi
    Turn left onto Frontera Way 14.5 mi
    Continue onto Vallejo Dr 14.6 mi
    Turn left onto Millbrae Ave 15.2 mi
    Turn right onto Skyline Blvd 15.3 mi
    Turn left onto Larkspur Dr 16.0 mi
    REGROUP 16.1 mi
    Turn right onto San Andreas Trail 16.1 mi
    Slight right to stay on San Andreas Trail 17.5 mi
    REGROUP 18.1 mi
    Turn left onto Skyline Blvd 18.1 mi
    Turn left onto Sneath Ln 18.6 mi
    Continue onto Sneath Ln Trail 20.0 mi
    Turn right onto Sweeney Ridge Trail 21.5 mi
    Make a U-turn 22.0 mi
    Turn left onto Sneath Ln Trail 22.5 mi
    Continue onto Sneath Ln 24.2 mi
    Turn left onto Skyline Blvd 25.3 mi
    Turn left onto Sharp Park Rd 26.7 mi
    REGROUP 26.8 mi
    Turn left onto Bradford Way 28.8 mi
    REGROUP 28.8 mi
    Turn left onto Mori Point Rd 29.3 mi
    Continue onto CA-1 S 29.4 mi
    Turn right toward California Coastal Trail/Devil's Slide Trail 32.3 mi
    Continue onto California Coastal Trail/Devil's Slide Trail 32.5 mi
    Turn left toward CA-1 S 33.8 mi
    Turn right onto CA-1 S 33.8 mi
    Turn left onto Kelly Ave 43.6 mi
    Turn left onto Main St 43.8 mi
    U-Turn 43.9 mi
    LUNCH at San Benito House 43.9 mi
    Turn left onto Cabrillo Hwy S 44.9 mi
    Turn left onto Verde Rd 49.7 mi
    Turn right to stay on Verde Rd 49.7 mi
    REGROUP 49.8 mi
    Slight left onto Lobitos Creek Rd 50.0 mi
    Slight left onto Tunitas Creek Rd 54.1 mi
    Turn left to stay on Tunitas Creek Rd 58.5 mi
    Continue onto Kings Mountain Rd 59.8 mi
    Turn left onto Woodside Rd 64.8 mi
    Turn right 65.7 mi

  • Wed, July 17, 2019 9:00 AM | Anonymous member

    The Hills-R-Us route:  Pescadero Clockwise 

    West OLH is currently closed so we can either go around the barriers on West OLH or take 84, each rider can decide which way they will go.

    Route link:  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/2175070

    Leader: Paul Melville
    Distance:  66 miles
    Elevation:  6400 ft 
    Lunch: Bring or buy lunch in Pescadero


    Pescadero Clockwise

    D  Shoup Park
    L  University Ave
    L  Burke Rd
    R  Chapin Rd
    S  Robleda Rd
    R  Elena Rd
    L  Taaffe Rd
    R  Taaffe Rd
    R  Altamont

    Rd Regroup at Black Rd
    L  Page Mill Rd

    Regroup Top of Page Mill
    S  Alpine Rd
    L  Pescadero Creek Rd Regroup at Sam McDonald Pk

    R  Stage Rd

    Lunch in Pescadero
    R  CA-84 E
    R  Old La Honda Rd
    L  CA-35 N

    Regroup in Sky La Honda
    L  CA-84
    R  Portola Rd
    L  Sand Hill Rd
    R  Santa Cruz Ave
    L  Foothill Expy (G5)
    R  Main St
    L  University Ave

    A Shoup Park

  • Mon, July 08, 2019 8:30 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Weds July 10 - Let's count the Redwoods again, and climb out via S. Skyline.

    Distance: 69 miles
    Elevation Gain: 6,420 ft
    Lunch: Junction Park, Boulder Creek. Bring, or buy at Johnnie's in Boulder Creek

    RWGPS: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30491775

    Turn right onto University Ave 0
    Turn left onto S El Monte Ave 0.6
    Turn right onto Foothill Expy 0.7
    Continue onto Foothill Blvd 5.2
    Continue onto Stevens Canyon Rd 6.5
    Turn right to stay on Stevens Canyon Rd 9.7
    REGROUP Restrooms on Mt. Eden fork 9.8
    Turn left onto Redwood Gulch Rd 11.3
    Sharp right onto CA-9 S 12.7
    Summit & Regroup 15.9
    Turn left to stay on CA-9 S 21.9
    Turn left onto Middleton Ave 29.6
    Turn left to stay on Middleton Ave 29.7
    LUNCH at Junction Park 29.7
    Make a U-turn at Junction Ave 29.7
    Turn right to stay on Middleton Ave 29.8
    Turn right onto CA-9 N/Central Ave 29.9
    Turn right onto Bear Creek Rd 30
    REGROUP Turn left onto CA-35 39.3
    SUMMIT 3,100 46.4
    Turn right 49.5
    Slight right onto CA-9 N/Big Basin Way 49.6
    Turn left onto Saratoga Sunnyvale Rd 56.9
    Turn left onto Prospect Rd 59.3
    Continue onto S Stelling Rd 59.7
    Turn left onto Rainbow Dr 60.2
    Turn right onto Bubb Rd 60.7
    Turn left onto McClellan Rd 61.7
    McClellan Rd turns slightly right and becomes Mira Vista Ave 62.7
    Turn left onto Palm Ave 62.9
    Turn right onto S Foothill Blvd 63.1
    Continue onto Foothill Expy 64.2
    Turn left onto Main St 68.4
    Turn left onto University Ave 68.5
    Turn right 68.6
    Turn left onto University Ave 68.6
    Turn right 68.7
    Turn left 68.8
  • Wed, July 03, 2019 9:00 AM | Anonymous member

    The route is Kennedy Shannon, 45 miles and about 3100 ft. Bring or buy lunch in Los Gatos. Troy's Birthday is July 5th. We'll stop and see the new bench and remember our friend.

    Route on Ride with GPS

    Turns Distance 
    Shoup Park 0.0
    R University Ave 0.1
    L El Monte Ave 0.7
    R Foothill Expy 0.8
    Cont. Stevens Canyon Rd 5.7
    Cont. Mt Eden Rd 8.9
    R Pierce Rd 11.2
    L Big Basin Way 12.2
    R 6th St 13.6
    L Oak St 13.7
    R Lomita Ave 13.8
    L Vickery Ave 14.0
    R Route 9 N 14.4
    R Montalvo Rd 14.4
    L Piedmont Rd 15.1
    R Peach Hill Rd 15.7
    L Glen Una Dr 16.5
    R Route 9 N 17.3
    R Ridgecrest Ave 18.7
    L Beck Ave 19.3
    R Hernandez Ave 19.4
    R Glen Ridge Ave 20.0
    L Pennsylvania Ave 20.1
    R Bayview Ave 20.2
    L W Main St 20.2
    Cont. Los Gatos Blvd 20.9
    R Kennedy Rd 21.5
    L Shannon Rd 24.8
    L Englewood Ave 27.3
    R Kennedy Rd 27.7
    Cont. Caldwell Ave 27.9
    L Bella Vista Ave 28.1
    Cont. New York Ave 28.5
    L Pleasant St 28.6
    R E Main St 28.7
    R University Ave 29.2
    L  Route 9 S 29.7
    Cont. Saratoga Sunnyvale 33.3
    L Wardell Rd 35.0
    R Arroyo De Arguello 35.3
    Cont. Via Roncole 35.8
    L Prospect Rd 36.1
    Cont. S Stelling Rd 36.4
    L Rainbow Dr 36.9
    R Bubb Rd 37.4
    L Hyannisport Dr 38.1
    R Linda Vista Dr 38.6
    L McClellan Rd 38.8
    L Palm Ave 39.3
    R S Foothill Blvd 39.5
    Cont. Foothill Expy 40.5
    L S El Monte Ave 44.2
    R University Ave 44.4
    Turn left 45.0
    Shoup Park 45.1

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