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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club

ROUTE SHEETS and GPS map files for Fall Fun Series Rides

These routes are presented for archival and reference purposes.

 General Information about the Fall Fun Series for 2020 is here:  Fall Fun Series 2020

The GPS file can be used by anyone to view the route on a map. If you have a GPS you can load the turn-by-turn directions into your GPS (how to load GPS files). Note that the GPS files are not a substitute for route sheets as they may not accurately include information such as regroup locations , phone numbers of leaders when available, bailout options and shortcuts, information about tricky areas such as bike trails or turns that are easy to miss, danger areas, and lunch locations/options. The GPS files may also have minor errors due to mapping limitations and climbing data is often inflated. The route sheets are the most reliably accurate source.

These are the latest versions for each route. Routes are in alphabetical order. Sometimes routes are corrected/updated in the last few weeks before a ride, so we advise against printing your route sheet or loading the GPS file too early.

NOTE : If using a mobile phone turn phone sideways to view full page (GPS listings)!


(listed in alphabetical order)

Calaveras C Route Sheet                                    Map/GPS File

Calaveras D Route Sheet                                    Map/GPS File

Half Moon Bay C Route Sheet                            Map/GPS File

Half Moon Bay D Route Sheet                            Map/GPS File

ROUTE SHEETS                             MAP/GPS FILE

Henry Coe/Morgan Hill C- Route Sheet              Map/GPS File

Henry Coe/Morgan Hill C+ Route Sheet             Map/GPS File

Henry Coe/Morgan Hill D Route Sheet               Map/GPS File

ROUTE SHEET                               MAP/GPS FILE

Local Hills C Route Sheet                                   Map/GPS File    

Local Hills D Route Sheet                                  Map/GPS File

ROUTE SHEET                          MAP/GPS FILE

Mt Hamilton C Route Sheet                             Map/GPS File          

Mt Hamilton D Route Sheet                            Map/GPS File

ROUTE SHEETS                        MAP/GPS FILE

Saratoga C Route                                              Map/GPS File

Saratoga D Route                                             Map/GPS File

ROUTE SHEET                               MAP/GPS FILE

Shoreline C Route                                            Map/GPS File

Shoreline D Route                                            Map/GPS File


ROUTE SHEETS                                   MAP/GPS FILE

Mines C Route Sheet                                           Map/GPS File

Mines D Route Sheet                                           Map/GPS File

ROUTE SHEETS                                   MAP/GPS FILE

Moraga - Pinehurst C Route Sheet                         Map/GPS File

Moraga - Pinehurst D Route Sheet                        Map/GPS File

Morgan Terrirtory/Mt. Diablo B+                           Map/GPS File

Morgan Territory/Mt. Diablo C                               Map/GPS File

Morgan Territory/Mt. Diablo D                               Map/GPS File

Mt Diablo B Route Sheet                                       Map/GPS File

Mt Diablo C Route Sheet                                       Map/GPS File

Mt Tamalpais C Route Sheet                                        Map/GPS File                      

Mt Tamalpais DE Route Sheet                              Map/GPS File

ROUTE SHEETS                                       MAP/GPS FILE

Petaluma B Route Sheet                                             Map/GPS File   

Petaluma C Route Sheet                                             Map/GPS File 

Petaluma D Route Sheet                                             Map/GPS File

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