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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club


This guide covers procedures and documentation that WWBC Ride Leaders should use when an accident/emergency occurs on a club ride.

Primary concern should always be safety and medical assistance. Ride leaders are not expected to have any special medical skills, but of course should render medical assistance as they have the training/ability to do so. In any serious medical emergency always call 911 immediately. If you are in a remote area with no cell service then formulate a plan to notify 911. This could involve sending a rider ahead or utilizing a passing motorist. Try to be as clear as possible about your location (road name, direction of travel, distance from a known location).

If safe to do so, clear the roadway of people/bicycles, but do not move any injured persons if you suspect movement may cause further injury. Designate individuals to slow/stop traffic ahead and behind the incident location as necessary. Once emergency responders arrive they will take over all on scene management.

Once immediate needs are taken care of, leaders should use their judgment as to how to proceed. If injuries are minor then the ride can proceed. Often an injured rider will call a family member to pick them up or another participant on the ride will offer to provide transportation. Uber, Lyft, or taxi services are other options. Passing motorists often offer assistance, especially in more remote areas. If the ride has a large number of participants it is often best to ask another rider to take over leading the ride, rather than have a large number of riders milling around the scene obstructing traffic. 

If emergency responders transport the victim they will usually have an option for taking their bicycle to a nearby fire station or transporting it with the injured party. Ask emergency responders where the victim is being taken and what arrangements are needed for their bicycle.

In case of a major injury where the victim is not communicative, check the victim’s bike bag for contact information. Most members have emergency contact information listed on the club website. If necessary, contact a club officer who may have access to any unlisted member information.


  1. When any accident/incident occurs on a club ride please document with a short description in the “COMMENTS” section of the ride sign in sheet. Be brief and concise without making any judgements you are unsure of. If using the “Western Wheelers Ride Sign In” app, include this description in the generated email to stats@westernwheelers.org.

  2. For any accident that may result in further medical treatment (or involves 3rd party property damage/personal injury), the First Report of an Accident form should be completed. This can be completed by the Ride Leader or by the individual involved. Submit this form by email to; claims@americanspecialty.com, president@westernwheelers.organd ridechair@westernwheelers.org

WWBC maintains insurance through the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) that has coverage assistance for medical bills resulting from an accident while a club member is participating on a club ride. In general, this insurance is supplemental to any personal insurance policies and only covers “guest” riders on their first ride with WWBC. The policy covers medical expenses, but not damage to a participant’s bicycle. The policy has maximum coverage of $10,000 and a $500 deductible.

To file a claim for medical coverage under our LAB insurance policy the LAB Claim Form must be completed. This form is a joint endeavor by the claimant as well as a WWBC representative, which in most cases is the Ride Leader (who usually has the best knowledge of the incident). Submit this form by email to; claims@asri.com and mfrissi@gmail.com.    



  • Call 911 (utilize passing motorists/cyclists if in remote area)

  • Safety first - victims AND good samaritans/responders

  • Assign traffic flaggers/controllers

  • Clear roadway ONLY IF SAFE TO DO SO

  • Provide first aid to the extent qualified

  • Check if arrangements need to be made for bike transport

  • Notify family or emergency contacts as able

  • Use best judgment about continuing ride - if large ride designate new leader if necessary

  • Document what happened on ride sheet comments section - be concise/factual

  • In cases of injury/property damage see web site for documentation forms/instructions


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