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Email List FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is an “email list”?

Think of an email list as a “virtual bulletin board” where many people can “post” messages.  When a message is posted on a real bulletin board anyone can walk by and look at it. The difference with an email list is that when someone “posts” a message, the bulletin board will send a copy to everyone who has “joined” the bulletin board as a member.

When you join one of the Western Wheelers Emails Lists you have 3 choices:

  • Have the list email you whenever anyone posts a message
  • Have the list email you once per day with a digest of all the messages posted that day;
  • Have the list not email you at all – instead you have to visit the list online to read any messages. (For this option you must have a Google/Gmail log in/password to view topics online.)

2. Why do we have TWO email lists?

The nature of an email list is that lots of people can post messages on lots of subjects, so the number of posts can get overwhelming. Some members only want information about our Western Wheelers club rides and do not want to get messages about more obscure bicycling subjects. They also may not want to get numerous emails when a discussion starts among members of the email list. Others enjoy the variety of subjects and the discussions.

To keep the two groups happy we have established TWO email lists. The “wwbc-RIDES” list is only for information about our club rides. The “wwbc” email list is open to non-club subjects and allows discussion of any bicycling subject as long as the conversation is appropriate (be civil, no personal attacks, and must be bicycle related). NOTE – Messages should only be posted on one of the email lists, not both!

3. Which email subscription option is best for me?

Each person will have to decide for themselves, but here are a few suggestions…
  •  If you want to be “in the know” and don’t mind getting a fair number of emails, or mind the occasional online discussion – Subscribe to both of our email lists (“wwbc” and “wwbc-RIDES”)

  • If you want to get all the messages about club rides (all categories) but not non-club related email or discussions – Subscribe to only the “wwbc-RIDES” email list.
  • If you don’t want to get any emails - Don’t subscribe for any notifications (you can still visit the Club web site to see the ride schedule or visit the Google email lists when you choose).  To post messages on the email lists you must become a “member” of the list and be logged in.

One thing to remember... it is very easy to "un-subscribe" if you feel you are getting too much email.

5. Which email list delivery option should I choose?
    • Immediate delivery: Will result in an email to you whenever a message is posted. 

    • Daily Digest: Will result in one email per day and include all the posts from that period. 

    IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you subscribe to wwbc-RIDES and select “Daily Digest” you will not get an immediate email when a ride is cancelled.

    • No Emails: Will result in no emails to you, but you can still post messages or read posts online at the Google Groups site when logged in.

    6. How do I subscribe and choose my delivery option?

    See the “General Email List Information” menu choice for full information on how to subscribe, unsubscribe, or choose delivery options. The easy way is to send an email to listowner@westernwheelers.org, but you can do it yourself if you have an "@gmail.com" email address.

    7. How do I post a message and which list do I post it on?

    See the “General Email List Information” menu choice for detailed information/instructions. Messages can be posted via an email message.

    8. How do I get more help?

    Contact listowner@westernwheelers.org. We’ll be glad to help you with any questions.


    You may also wish to visit the  "General Email List Information"  page for further details.


    Last Updated December 1, 2017  GS

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