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Getting Email Notifications of Ride Cancellations and Impromptu Rides

Getting Ride Cancellation Notices

Notices of ride cancellations, typically weather related or other time sensitive ride changes, are posted by the ride leader to a discussion forum topic expressly designed to serve as a bulletin board for these announcements. If you want to be informed about cancellations, we recommend you subscribe to the Cancellation topic. There can be last minute changes due to foul weather or road conditions and a subscription will send you an immediate email containing the information about the ride status. To subscribe and receive these notifications visit the only topic in the Cancellations discussion forum and click the 'Subscribe to topic' link. See the screen shot below and note you must be logged in so the system knows who you are and where to send the emails. The link will change to 'Subscribed (Unsubscribe)' to indicate you are now subscribed and may unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link again.

Note: There is also a new email list that is an alternative way to receive email notices of Cancellations, all categories of Impromptu ride (A through E), and LDT ride updates. See the email lists tab to the right for details. 

Getting Impromptu Ride Notices via email

Impromptu rides are rides that were scheduled too late to be included in the Flat Tyre (the printed monthly newsletter). They will show up in the ride calendar on the web site as they are received from the ride leader. Additionally, there is also a discussion forum to serve as a bulletin board for posting these ride announcements. You can visit the web site and view the ride schedule at any time and see all the available rides, including the Impromptus. If you also want email notification when a ride leader has added a new Impromptu ride you can subscribe to the appropriate Impromptu forum topic and receive an email describing the new ride. There are separate topics for different ride categories allowing you to select only the categories that interest you. For example, to receive notices for A and B impromptu rides click on the A and B ride topic and click the 'Subscribe to topic' link on the right side of the page. See the sample screen shot below.

The link will change to 'Subscribed (Unsubscribe)' to indicate you are now subscribed and may unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link again.

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