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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club

The Sequoia

Is a must ride for many in California. 

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Just in time for Valentines

One of WWBC finest couple will take you down memory lane.  You'll read about how they met, their wedding day and their many adventures along the way.  Read about it in February's Flat Tyre

  We Have Your Dog ...

David, first time rider with WWBC, found this adorable doggie at the top of Mt. Eden on the 4th Sun Saratoga ride (Jan 27). Marcia called and left a message, "We have your dog..." Bob, under his breath added, "and you can have it back for $1M." Randall biked ahead to look for the address and rounded back to escort David and Marcia. David biked one handed and cradled the doggie with the other because he was afraid it might jump out of his pannier. The cargo was delivered safely. Should WWBC find $1M reward in its bank account =o) it might have derived from this transaction.


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About the Western Wheelers

Based in Palo Alto, we host bike rides nearly every day. We offer rides suitable for experienced cyclists as well as beginners. Non-members are welcome on almost all of our rides as guests, but we encourage you to join the club; individual dues are only $25 annually! We are a non-profit organization that relies on contributions and active participation by our members.

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