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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club
The Western Wheelers contributes a significant portion of the Sequoia Century net revenues to non-profit organizations that benefit the cycling community. Members are active volunteers in cycling related advocacy and charity organizations.  Here are some of the groups whom the Western Wheelers support. 

go to bikesiliconvalley.orgSVBC is a non-profit whose mission is to promote increased/everyday cycling in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties as a central solution to the environmental, health, and social problems facing our planet. The Western Wheelers Bicycle Club is proud to support, and regularly donates to, SVBC. We encourage Western Wheelers members to join SVBC.

California's bicycle clubs organized into a single federation called the California Association of Bicycling Organizations in 1972 to protect bicyclists' interests statewide and to encourage, maintain, and improve bicycling conditions. Volunteers foster and promote a favorable climate for bicycling in California by representing the interests of cyclists before the appropriate governmental bodies to protect their rights and promoting laws, policies, and actions that treat cyclists equitably.

go to www.walkbikecupertino.orgWalk Bike Cupertino is a non-profit safety/advocacy group. Begun in 2014, the “WalkBikeCupertino group works with the Cupertino City Council, the Bicycle/Pedestrian group and various other civic groups. From safe routes to school to identifying bike/pedestrian projects to communicating needs at the Cupertino Bike Commissions meetings, this group promoted being and walking in Cupertino. See http://www.walkbikecupertino.org.

Charitable Opportunities

go to plus3network.comPlus3Network lets you turn your miles (or other sports/workout activity) into donations to worthy causes from corporate sponsors. Registration is free. Why not turn your Western Wheelers miles into money for a good cause?

go to bikex.orgThe Bike Exchange has facilities and programs to provide refurbished bicycles to the underprivileged. The Bike Exchange accepts donated bikes and party. Volunteers repair/fix up these bikes and they are given to kids and adult who need wheels. Some of the donated bikes that are fundamentally sound enough that after cleaning and repair they are offered at a nominal cost to help cover the costs of the exchange. This is a good source for a starter or second bike. Many of the road bikes are entry or intermediate level bikes for “Women” (46-48-50-52cm sizes). Twice a month, the Bike Exchange has Saturday Work Days at the Leghorn Street facility. If you have worked on bikes, or if you would like to learn how to work on bikes, we would like to have your help. There are experts available to help out those who need it. Other Western Wheelers frequently help repair bikes for this good cause.

go to goodkarmabikes.orgGood Karma Bikes, San Jose.  We reinvest the money we make in our full-service bike shop to employ people in recovery and to help their re-entry. We call this transitionary employment; people demonstrate that their recovery is on firm ground and they are ready to get back in the game. Western Wheelers members frequently help repair bikes for this good cause.

Canary Foundation. The Canary Challenge is an annual cycling event and 5km walk/run that starts and ends in Palo Alto, California. Each year, Western Wheelers fundraise to benefit early cancer detection research.  

The TWFK is an all-volunteer organization that provides bikes and helmets to kids to prevent childhood obesity and support low-income families. It works in partnership with community groups such as the Valley Medical Center Foundation and the Santa Clara Fire Department, as well as corporate sponsors such as Specialized Bicycles, Raleigh America and and the San Francisco 49ers.

Each year on a Saturday morning early in December TWFK hold their Big Bike Build (BBB) at the San Jose Convention Center, where hundreds of volunteers from many different clubs and companies come together to assemble a few thousand bikes to be given away to deserving kids. The Western Wheelers participate each year.

The Stanford Blood Center The hospitals that the Stanford Blood Center serve need a constant supply of blood products, particularly for preemies, cancer treatments, and complicated transplants. A liver transplant, for example, sometimes requires 40 or more units of blood. Stanford Blood Center is honored that the Western Wheelers have supported local patients by giving blood as a group since 2012. You are an important part of a life-saving team!

So come out and join your fellow Wheelers at the Hillview Center. Refer to the Western Wheelers Events Calendar for the next scheduled Western Wheelers donation day. 

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