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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club

Fall Fun Series 2022

The 2022 Fall Fun Series (FFS) begins on Saturday, September 24 and is scheduled to run through Saturday, November 5.   See “RIDE SCHEDULE” section, below.

The FFS is designed primarily for C/D riders.  B riders are welcome to join the FFS on a week by week, ad hoc basis, but a separate route is not provided for the B group.  If you interested in leading a B group on any given week, please contact Bill Sherwin by the Tuesday prior to the ride.

This year, as in past years, the series will consist mostly of rides within an hour’s drive of Palo Alto/Redwood City.  The FFS follows the same ride grouping format as the Long Distance Training (LDT) rides.  The C ride is divided into “C-” and “C+” groups. The C- group is a social paced ride with frequent mandatory regroups (riders in this group should be able to maintain a modest C pace). The C+ group has fewer/shorter regroups and also moves at a slightly faster pace.  Whichever option you choose, the FFS is a great way to explore the local area, sometimes following known routes from our Long Distance Training (LDT) series and sometimes introducing other adventures.

Notes for 2022:

GENERAL NEWS:  Updated FFS news/weather will be posted on the “wwbc-RIDES” club email list. You can subscribe to the email list or visit the list site to get updated. Full information on subscription options can be found at the club web site under the EMAIL LISTS menu item.

ROUTE SHEETS/MAPS/GPS INFO: This is a dedicated page on the web site (in the RIDE INFORMATION section) where you will find the route sheets for all rides in the Fall Fun Series. This page also has links to Maps/GPS routes where you can examine the map or download directions to your GPS device. (Routes are sometimes altered before the ride, so please wait until the week of the ride to print your route sheets.)   A LIMITED number of ROUTE SHEETS will be available at start, but it always helps if you print your own at home!

RIDE SCHEDULE:  Below, subject to change, is the schedule for FFS 2022.  All rides meet at 9:15 for a 9:30 roll out.




Local Hills


Alameda Creek Trail/Niles and back*


Half Moon Bay




Carquinez Straits*


Skyline/Big Basin


Morgan Hill/Henry Coe

  • ·         New to the FFS in 2022

DEPARTURE:    Rides will depart at the scheduled time and not wait for stragglers. Allow time to unload your bike and sign up. Most riders arrive 20-30 minutes before our departure time. Inflate your tires at home, not at the start!  In 2022, all rides meet at 9:15 for a 9:30 departure – (signups and route sheet distribution end 5-10 minutes before departure!).

PREPARATION:  Riders at all levels must be self-sufficient, though leaders and other participants will try to help you with any difficulties if able. Make sure your bike is in good condition, particularly for the longer distances. Riders should bring tools/parts/pump for fixing flat tires and cash/cell phone for emergencies. Ride leaders will generally NOT stop the entire ride to wait for one rider with a flat tire or mechanical problem. Please attach a handlebar clip so you can read the route sheet while riding – we do not wait at every turn. 

GPS:  All routes include "regroups". If you are following the route on your Garmin the regroups appear on the "turn by turn directions" page, but do not appear on the "map" page, so be sure to check the "directions" page to see where regroups are located. 

REGROUPS are designated on all route sheets. These rides attract a diverse level of riders, some of whom prefer to ride alone or in smaller groups at their own pace. With all levels (including the "C-"), riders traveling at a markedly slower pace than their group should not expect the group to wait for them. C riders will have two signup sheets. The "C-" group will progress at a social C pace with mandatory regroups. The "C+" group accommodates those who want a faster C group as well as riders who want to ride the C route at their own pace (slower or faster) without mandatory regroups. The C- and C+ groups ride the same route. 

LUNCH STOPS are included on all routes (buy or bring). On most rides all pace levels stop for lunch at the same location, though they may not be there at the same time. 

WET WEATHER  Rides will generally be canceled in the event of moderate rain. Subscribe to the “wwbc-RIDES” email list if you want to be notified of cancellations. When rides involve a significant drive to the start, we often make a decision the previous day based on the forecast. See the web site under the EMAIL LISTS menu item for subscription information. 

ROAD ETIQUETTE   "Share the Road" goes both ways! We often ride in large groups, particularly at the start of the ride. Set a good example and be as courteous to cars as you expect them to be to us. Obey traffic laws and move right to let cars pass if safe to do so. Do not ride two abreast when cars are present.

MEALS:  Although the worst of the COVID crisis seems to be behind us, it may be that some favorite restaurants from the past may have closed, or that service may still be slower than would otherwise be the case.  If you prefer to linger at lunch the group may not wait for you. Riders are encouraged to be prepared by bringing sufficient food/water to avoid unnecessary delays.

I look forward to seeing all of you at the FFS in 2022!

Bill Sherwin

2022 Fall Fun Series Coordinator



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