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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club

2024 Long Distance Training (LDT) Rides Information

 The 2024 Long Distance Training (LDT) series begins on Sat., Jan 6th . The series is a set of 21 weekly rides that include some of the most scenic and car-free destinations in our area, most within an hour’s drive of Palo Alto.  The rides generally increase in length and difficulty to help riders train for longer distance rides later in the year, but also are a great way for all members to sample the great rides that the Bay Area and Northern California offer! The series includes climbs of the three highest Bay Area peaks (Mt. Diablo, Mt. Tamalpais, and Mt. Hamilton) in May. The drives to Healdsburg, Pacific Grove, Paso Robles and Cazadero are further (2 to 4 hours) and most riders plan for a 1-2 night stay. On the multi-day weekends we will always have a modest Friday afternoon ride that starts late enough to skip the worst of the morning commute traffic.

 The LDT rides are for all levels of riders and each offers B, C, D, and E routes. We especially encourage B and C riders to come out and explore the beautiful areas we visit during the series! The large C group is separated into “C-“ and “C+” groups. The C- group is a social paced ride with frequent regroups (riders in this group should be able to maintain a modest C pace). The C+ group has fewer/shorter regroups and also accommodates those who wish to ride the C route at their own pace (faster or slower).

 Destinations for 2024 include 2-3 day weekends in scenic Healdsburg, Pacific Grove, Paso Robles, and Cazadero. For detailed information about accommodations/logistics for these weekends please see the online ride schedule (Saturday ride).

 Notes for 2024:   

·         We have a single group start time format, with a quick safety/logistics update followed by each group departing. At the start of the season all rides meet at 9:45 for a prompt 10:00 ride start. (Later in the season we start earlier due to length/difficulty of rides.)

·         ROUTE SHEETS will be available at start, but it always helps if you print your own at home!

·         Make sure you “SIGN IN” at the start!

          - Updated LDT news/weather/lodging information will be posted on the “wwbc-RIDES” club email list. We’ll also post a weekly pre-ride introduction and safety message. You can subscribe to the email list or visit the list site to get updated. Full information on subscription options can be found at the club web site under the EMAIL LISTS menu item.

         - The latest and most accurate ride information can always be found on the Web Site Ride Schedule.

         - REGISTRATION: Please REGISTER on the web site for our "2-3 day weekend" rides (Healdsburg, Pacific Grove, Paso Robles, and Cazadero), so we can plan better. To register just go to the SATURDAY ride description on the online ride schedule and click on the REGISTER button. Registration is free and easy! Only registered participants will receive detailed logistics updates.    

          - ROUTE SHEETS/MAPS/GPS INFO: There is a dedicated page on the web site where you will find all the LDT route sheets for rides. This page also has links to Maps/GPS routes that you can examine or download to your GPS device.   (Routes are sometimes altered before the ride, so please wait until the week of the ride to print your route sheet.)


Contact me if you need additional information:


Guy Shuman

LDT Coordinator

(shumansteiner@gmail.com or  650-704-0895  Cell)



2024 SCHEDULE: (subject to change due to weather, pandemics, etc.)

Details for each ride: Web Site Ride Schedule.

6-Jan                Shoreline

13-Jan              Saratoga  RAINED OUT

20-Jan              Pulgas Water Temple

27-Jan              Morgan Hill

3-Feb               Seascape

10-Feb             Livermore

17-Feb             Calaveras RAINED OUT

24-Feb             Hollister Hills

2-Mar              Petaluma RAINED OUT

9-Mar             Marin Headlands  Calaveras

16-Mar           Healdsburg (2-3 day)               

23-Mar            Berkeley Hills

30-Mar           Pacific Grove (2-3 day)

6-Apr              Mountain Charlie  Petaluma

13-Apr            RAIN MAKE UP DATE  Marin Headlands

20-Apr           Paso Robles (2-3 day)

27-Apr            Skyline

4-May            Cazadero (2-3 day)

11-May           Mt. Diablo

18-May           Mt. Tamalpais

27-May           Mt. Hamilton (Monday - Memorial Day)

See the Web Site Ride Schedule for detailed information, last minute changes, updated leader information, accommodation information and route sheets.


 Information for Riders:

This is a series of Western Wheelers Bicycle Club rides which generally increase in length and difficulty through the winter and spring. The rides are open to both members and guests and offer  B, C, D, and E routes. These rides are NOT only for our strongest riders. There is a place for everyone on these rides and the B, C-, and C+ rides provide a great opportunity to improve your riding and meet other club members. Here are a few tips to acquaint riders with the rides:

PLEASE BE ON TIME   LDT rides generally attract a large group of riders. Rides will depart at the scheduled time and not wait for stragglers. Allow time to unload your bike and sign up. Most riders arrive 20-30 minutes before our departure time. Inflate your tires at home, not at the start!  All rides through March 9th meet at 9:45 for a prompt 10:00 departure – (signups and route sheet distribution end 5-10 minutes before departure!).  Starting March 16th all rides meet 30 minutes earlier. The final four rides now start an additional 30 minutes earlier. 

BE PREPARED  Riders on LDT rides at all levels must be self-sufficient, though leaders and other participants will try to help you with any difficulties if able. Make sure your bike is in good condition, particularly for the longer distances. Riders should bring tools/parts/pump for fixing flat tires and cash/cell phone for emergencies. Ride leaders will generally NOT stop the entire ride to wait for one rider with a flat tire or mechanical problem. Please attach a handlebar clip so you can read the route sheet while riding – we do not wait at every turn. 

ROUTE SHEETS for all groups will be available at the start, however if you can print a route sheet at home and bring it with you it will be appreciated. All route sheets are posted before the rides on the WW web site. We have a web page that has route sheets and online maps/GPS files – see link from each ride listing. We try to make the route sheets as accurate as possible and update them often - please notify us of any mistakes/omissions you discover. 

NOTE FOR GPS USERS: All routes include "regroups". If you are following the route on your Garmin the regroups appear on the "turn by turn directions" page, but do not appear on the "map" page, so be sure to check the "directions" page to see where regroups are located. 

- REGROUPS are designated on all route sheets. The LDT rides attract a diverse level of riders, some of whom prefer to ride alone or in smaller groups at their own pace. With all levels (including the “C-“), riders traveling at a markedly slower pace than their group should not expect the group to wait for them. C riders will have two sign up sheets. The "C-" group will progress at a social C pace with mandatory regroups. The "C+" group accommodates those who want a faster C group as well as riders who want to ride the C route at their own pace (slower or faster) without mandatory regroups. The C- and C+ groups ride the same route. 

LUNCH STOPS are included on all routes (buy or bring). On most rides all pace levels stop for lunch at the same location, though they may not be there at the same time. 

WET WEATHER  Rides will generally be canceled in the event of moderate rain. Subscribe to the “wwbc-RIDES” email list if you want to be notified of cancellations. When rides involve a significant drive to the start we often make a decision the previous day based on the forecast. See the web site under the EMAIL LISTS menu item for subscription information. 

ROAD ETIQUETTE   "Share the Road" goes both ways! We often ride the LDT rides in large groups, particularly at the start of the ride. Set a good example and be as courteous to cars as you expect them to be to us. Obey traffic laws and move right to let cars pass if safe to do so. Do not ride two abreast when cars are present.

SAFETY  is our highest consideration. 

      - COMMUNICATE!  Signal hazards to other riders verbally or with hand signals.

     - When drafting make sure riders are aware of your presence.

     - Wear bright colors and use headlights/taillights to increase visibility.

     - Give verbal warning when passing and avoid passing on the right.

     - SLOW DOWN!  Know your limits and stay well below them. 

 - REGISTRATION: No pre-registration is required for most rides. Please REGISTER on the club web site for our "2-3 day weekend" rides (Healdsburg/Pacific Grove/Paso Robles/Cazadero), so we can plan better. Registration is free and easy. Only registered participants will receive detailed logistics updates. 

Contact for additional information:

Guy Shuman

LDT Coordinator

(shumansteiner@gmail.com or  650-704-0895  Cell)





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