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How to load GPS files into your GPS

These directions are for a Garmin Edge, the most common bicycle GPS.  (Modified from RIDEWITHGPS.COM)

The directions are easy enough depending on your level of comfort on your
computer. I am assuming you can plug in the Garmin Edge, open up a folder
to view its contents, and drag a file to a folder.

So, to start, export a TCX (custom cues) to your local computer.

Plug in the GPS unit and open the folder to view the contents. It will
have a Garmin directory, which you should open up. Inside the Garmin
directory, there will be several folders/files.

One of these should be "NewFiles". If it doesn't exist, you'll need to
create it by right-clicking and selecting "new folder" or something
similar (depending on your computer). Make sure you get the capital.

Once the folder is created or if it already exists, drag the exported file
you saved from our site, to the "NewFiles" folder.

Now, safely remove the device (like you would a USB flash drive, by
clicking the 'remove device' or 'stop device' icon in the lower right
corner of your computer screen. again, this is operating system

Unplug the device, turn it on and head to the Courses menu item. Your file
should be in there.

(NOTE: To take advantage of Premium features from our RidewithGPS Club Membership you must be logged in as a premium member when downloading your files...)

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