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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club
Map of Drinking Fountains (During Shelter-in-Place)

This MAP shows drinking fountains that are open with water during the COVID-19 closures.  (Clicking on the + on the lower right of the map expands the view.) We look forward to the day that the need to close parks is gone and this map is no longer needed.

Here is the key:

Water and Bathroom

 Water, no bathroom

  Bathroom, no water

 No water, no bathroom

Email the location of the water, if the bathroom is open, other information -- and the date you last checked it -- to Mona Schorow, Mike Khaw, or David Schorow . We can update the location for you. 

Improve the Map

A bug in My Maps makes it difficult for you to update the map yourself.  But, if you send Mona, Mike, or David an email you will be sent an email with a link to add marks.

You must be logged into just one Google account.  (Logout of Google, then logon with one Google account.  Otherwise, you'll get an "error 400" or "not authorized" error message)

You can enter the name of the park or location in the Google map box. Typing in Sawyer Camp Trail brings up choices.

Clicking on a name chooses it.  Fill in the location name and details about the water.  eg "Water fountain is closed but the bathroom is open and there's potable water in the bathroom sink."  Or maybe there's no water, but a Porta Potty is available.

When you're finished entering information, click [Save].

You can change the Mark to be a big red X to indicate a popular spot that has neither water nor bathroom. (If it's not a well used stop though, there's no need to add it.  Many places are closed now.) On the bottom of the text window you just completed there is a row of icons.  Click on the first one -- a "tipping bucket." 

Choose RED.

Then click on the bottom button, [More icons].  Choose the X at the end of the first row. Click on [Ok].  Just continue scrolling down the icon choices to find the bathroom icon.

You've done it!  You've helped other riders on the road!!!  Ride on.  Ride on.

We look forward to when the State, County and City parks no longer need to close their water drinking fountains or bathrooms. Good riding! 

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