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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club

Board Descriptions

Any of the present volunteers would be happy to elaborate on the positions and welcome new people for the positions. It is not unusual for some positions to be shared by two or more individuals. Listed below are the present positions and their duties.

President: Club spokesperson and leader. Chairs board meetings once a month and writes the “Turn at the Front” column in the Flat Tyre. Brings in new ideas for club activities and policies for discussion with the Board. Provides club leadership.

Secretary: Chairs Board in absence of President, writes official minutes and handles club correspondence. The President, Secretary and Treasurer are the corporate officers of our non-profit corp.

Treasurer: Receives payments, pays bills and manages any investment accounts in consultation with other officers. Proposes annual budget for entire Board approval. Provides timely financial reporting and maintains financial records using Quicken Software. Prepares tax returns. Reports financial status at Board meetings.

Membership: Processes incoming new and renewal applications and checks monthly. Submits names of new members for publication in the next Flat Tyre. Monthly time spent is approx. 4 or 5 hours, spread over the month. 

Events Chair: Arranges for club meetings and programs and for special events such as parties and picnics.

Ride Chair: Coordinates the inputs from the A, B, C, D and E Ride Coordinators monthly. Makes up the complete Ride Schedule each month for publication in the Flat Tyre and the website. Creates a selected sample of the rides for distribution to bike shops.

Newsletter Production: Coordinates the physical production of the Flat Tyre (FT). Puts together the edited copy of the FT and generates mailing labels for them. Delivers and picks up the FT from our printer. Sets up the Mailing Parties and delivers the finished FT to the Post Office. Time required is 8 hours per month, including the Mailing Parties and travel to the Post Office in Palo Alto.

Flat Tyre Editor: Prepares the Flat Tyre each month after receiving inputs from the Ride Chair, club officers, and member contributors.

Webmaster: Coordinates and maintains the club website.

Sequoia Century Chair: Organizes the annual Sequoia Century ride.

Member at Large: (three positions): Brings in new ideas for club activities and policies for discussion with the Board as well as stepping in where needed to assist the club.

Big Wheels Descriptions

Long Distance Training (LDT) Chairs: Organize the annual LDT ride series.

A, B, C, D, E Ride Coordinators: Identify and recruit volunteers to lead A, B, C, D, and E rides each month.

Statistician: Receives ride sign-up sheets from all Ride Leaders and transcribes statistics to a database for monthly publication in the website and yearly publication in the newsletter.

The monthly board meetings welcome all members and are usually attended by the voting members of the board: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Events Chair, Newsletter Production Chair, Membership Chair, Ride Chair, Webmaster, Members-at-Large, Sequoia Century Chair, and Flat Tyre Editor. Food (usually pizza) is provided at the club’s expense.

Last updated Jan. 2018

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