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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club


  • Tue, September 03, 2024
  • Mon, September 16, 2024
  • Bishop, CA



Please REGISTER for this tour if you plan to attend all or part. There is no limit on the number of participants, but it helps us plan and keep you informed. (click on REGISTER button on left side).

Address any questions to shumansteiner@gmail.com.

Eastern Sierra Escape 2024

September 3-16

Join friends from Western Wheelers (and ACTC) who will gather in Mammoth Lakes, Bishop, and Lone Pine to explore riding in this great area of California. Most routes start in the wide open Owens Valley and climb to beautiful alpine meadows and forests with fabulous views. While the routes include some of the longest and steepest climbs anywhere in the world, there will also be shorter versions to allow those with less fitness/endurance to enjoy these treasures by starting above the valley floor. Note that while these climbs can be difficult due to extended stretches of climbing, there are few (if any) sections where the grade exceeds 10-12 percent. Most rides are “out-n-backs”, climbing during cooler morning hours from the valley up into the alpine forests then descending back to town during the heat of the day. E-bikes are welcome on this tour and ideal for the long climbs, but make sure you have a good understanding of your bike’s capabilities.

This is primarily a hotel/base camp trip. While there are campgrounds available, most participants stay in hotels. Afternoons in Owens Valley are often quite hot, so it is nice to come back to a hotel room and pool after your ride. Each person will make their own accommodation arrangements – recommendations are listed below. Trip members often get together at a common location for an optional happy hour and group dinner each evening.

Over the 13 days of the trip there are 11 scheduled rides, with impromptu group hikes on the 2 off days. Participants are always welcome to take a day off or do a different ride/hike than the one scheduled for that day. Local attractions include a great railroad museum and a hot springs resort. Some come for the whole adventure, but many participants join for just part of the trip, coming for 3-7 days.

There are no group fees for this trip. Your expenses will be only for your transportation, accommodations and meals. Happy hours are “pot luck”. Rides are unsupported - no SAG. Some days have lunch purchase options and water availability, while on others you must carry your food and water.

Note that Yosemite National Park requires reservations ($2.00) to drive through the park enroute to Mammoth Lakes:  Yosemite Ticketed Entry Info.

All rides will be listed on the WWBC online ride schedule. For most of the rides, there are three routes: LONG/ SHORT/EZ-START with a description, route sheet and GPS file for each. The EZ START route is for people who can grab a carpool to the start of the ride. The EZ START route follows the SHORT route, then adds on the fun descent back to town!

Please REGISTER if you plan to attend. While there is no problem changing your plans or canceling, this will give us a better idea of who is coming and what dates they will be there. WWBC or ACTC club membership is always encouraged, but is not a requirement.



WWBC - Guy Shuman  (650-704-0895) /Mindy Steiner (650-714-9616)







Hotel Location

Tues      9/3/24  

   Tioga Pass Option

Mammoth Lakes

   Lake Mary Warmup Option (2:30 pm)

Weds     9/4/24

   June Lake Out-n-Back

Mammoth Lakes

Thurs     9/5/24     

   Devils Postpile (+ Lake Mary Option)

Mammoth Lakes

Fri       9/6/24

   Rock Creek/Mosquito Flat

Bishop (Drive to start, then to Bishop after ride)

Sat       9/7/24

   South Lake & Lake Sabrina


Sun      9/8/24

   Relax or hike South/Sabrina Lake


Mon     9/9/24

   Bristlecone Pine Forest


Tues    9/10/24

   Pine Creek


Weds   9/11/24

   Glacier Lodge (+ Waucoba Option)                


Thurs   9/12/24

   Relax or hike at Glacier Lodge


Fri        9/13/24

   Onion Valley

Lone Pine (Drive to start, then to Lone Pine)

Sat       9/14/24

   Horseshoe Meadows

Lone Pine

Sun      9/15/24

   Whitney Portal

Lone Pine

Mon     9/16/24

   Alabama Hills / Movius Arch Hike

Optional morning hike before departure

Recommended Hotels:

MAMMOTH LAKES   Arrive 9/3, depart 9/6 (check-out before riding)

Empieria High Sierra Hotel– Nice hotel with indoor pool/spa. No breakfast.

3228 Main Street,

Mammoth Lakes, California, 93546

Phone: 760-924-1234


Numerous other hotels available – check online…

CONDOS: Numerous condos are available through many sources. Recommended condo complex is Horizons 4 at Azimuth Drive & Meridian Blvd (nice outdoor pool/spa). 

https://www.airbnb.com/ or https://www.grandwelcome.com or https://www.vacasa.com

BISHOP   Arrive 9/6 (check-in after riding), depart 9/13 (check-out before riding)

Best Western (recommended hotel) – 1/4 mile north of downtown. Nice outdoor pool/spa. Hot breakfast included.

1025 N Main Street,

Bishop, California, 93514

Phone: 760-873-3543


Eastside Guesthouse – downtown friendly place with various room styles. Nice common room. No pool/hot tub.

777 N Main Street,

Bishop, California, 93514

Phone: 760-784-7077

Creekside Inn – downtown/nicest hotel (good hot breakfast), but no bicycles allowed in rooms. They do have a small storage area (bike capacity not guaranteed) which must be opened by front desk staff. Nice outdoor pool/spa and outdoor lounge area.

725 N Main Street,

Bishop, California, 93514

Phone: 760-872-3044


Numerous other hotels available – check online…

LONE PINE   Arrive 9/13 (check-in after riding), depart 9/15 after ride (or 9/16 after morning hike)

Best Western Frontier Motel (recommended hotel) – Nice motel. Hot breakfast. Nice outdoor pool (no spa).

1008 S. Main St.

Lone Pine, CA 93545

(760) 876-5571

Best Western Frontier Motel

Whitney Portal Hostel – downtown/less expensive

238 S. Main St.

Lone Pine, CA  93545

(760) 876-0030


Most people will be staying in motels for this tour, but camping is an option.

Brownstown Campground

20 Schober Lane, Bishop, CA 

(760) 872-7341

-One mile south of Bishop


Diaz Lake Campground

5007 South Main Street

Lone Pine, CA 93545

(760) 876-4700


-located 3 miles south of Lone Pine on Hwy 395

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