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Hills R Us | Social Climbers

Ride summary, route sheets (please print a copy for yourself if you need one), elevation profiles and related information for the weekly Wednesday Hills R Us & Social Climbers rides starting and ending at Shoup Park in Los Altos.

Hills R Us D/E riders meet on the hour and roll promptly 15 minutes later.  The D Social Climbers meet and roll out 15 minutes earlier, to do the same ride at a more “social” pace.

Regular Riders March - November. Meet at 9 am for 9:15 departure
DE/3-4/35-70  December - February.  Meet at 10 am for 10:15 departure

Social Climbers   March - November. Meet at 8:45 am for 9:00 departure
D/3-4/35-70 December - February.  Meet at 9:45 am for 10:00 departure

Sortable collection of Hills R Us routes, by Steve Chapel.

Ride leaders usually pick the route 1–2 days in advance, so please check on Monday and/or Tuesday before the ride for the route announcement. If you'd prefer to receive automatic notifications of updates to this blog (which does NOT include comments added to blog entries), click on the "RSS" icon next to the title of this page. What you need to do after that varies widely depending on your computer and its configuration. It may all be taken care of auto-magically, or you may have to do a bit of work. Just remember that the frequency of updates is pretty low—weekly, sometime from Sunday to Tuesday before the ride, so you could almost as conveniently just visit this blog.

As of June 1, 2016, please do not park in the Shoup parking lot. Park up the hill from Shoup at Lincoln Ave and University Ave to leave space for those—especially parents with children—who use the Park while we are out riding.

  • Tue, April 25, 2017 7:50 AM | Anonymous member

    Coastal Classic Via Page Mill: Page, West Alpine, 84 to Stage Road and Home Via Tunitas. 55 miles, 5600 ft.

    Lunch at bike hut. Rain Cancels.

    Link to Ride on RideWithGPS

    Start - Shoup Park 0
    L University Ave 0.1
    L Burke Rd 0.2
    R Chapin Rd 0.6
    Merge onto Robleda Rd 0.9
    R Elena Rd 1.7
    L Taaffe Rd 1.9
    R Altamont Rd 2.8
    L Page Mill Rd 3.9
    Cont. Alpine Rd 10.3
    Cont. Pescadero Rd 17.8
    L CA-84 W 18.9
    R Stage Rd 26.4
    R CA-1 N 27.5
    R Tunitas Creek Rd 29.1
    Cont. Kings Mountain Rd 38.5
    L Woodside Rd 43.5
    R Whiskey Hill Rd 44.4
    L Sand Hill Rd 45.8
    R Santa Cruz Ave 48.8
    L Junipero Serra Blvd 48.9
    Cont. Foothill Expy 51.3
    L Main St 54.3
    L University Ave 54.3
    R Shoup Park 54.5

  • Wed, April 19, 2017 8:45 AM | Michael Khaw (Administrator)
    Direction                       Miles
    Start Shoup Park.                0.0
    L onto University Ave            0.11
    R onto Main St                   0.19
    L onto Foothill Expy             0.23
    R onto Santa Cruz Ave            5.68
    L onto Sand Hill Rd              5.79
    R onto Whiskey Hill Rd           8.71
    L onto Woodside Rd              10.09
    R onto Cañada Road              10.32
    R onto Edgewood Rd              13.77
    L onto Crestview Dr             15.05
    R onto Brittan Ave              15.7
    L onto Alameda                  16.96
    L onto Melendy Dr               17.16
    R onto Crestview Dr             18.61
    Continue onto Hallmark Dr       19.84
    R onto Ralston Ave              21.28
    R onto Alameda De Las Pulgas    22.69
    R onto Carlmont Dr              22.84
    L onto Hastings Dr              22.99
    R onto Club Dr                  24.03
    L onto Crestview Dr             24.41
    L onto Edgewood Rd              26.37
    R onto Cordilleras Rd           26.75
    R onto Springdale Way           27.02
    L onto Lakeview Way             27.47
    R onto Sylvan Way               27.53
    Continue onto Glenloch Way      28.37
    R onto Hillcrest Way            28.7
    R onto Eastview Way             29.09
    Continue onto W California Way  29.5
    L onto California Way           29.64
    L to stay on California Way     29.87
    R to stay on California Way     30.16
    L onto Jefferson Ave            30.61
    R to stay on Jefferson Ave      31.23
    R onto Emerald Hill Rd          31.45
    L onto Farm Hill Blvd           31.9
    R onto Mcgarvey Ave             32.45
    R onto Fernside St              32.56
    R onto Woodside Dr              33.38
    L onto Woodside Rd              35.25
    R onto Northgate Dr             35.32
    Continue onto Eleanor Dr        35.63
    L onto Stockbridge Ave          35.7
    R onto Alameda                  36.21
    Continue Santa Cruz Ave         38.11
    L onto G5/Junipero Serra Blvd   38.51
    R onto Main St                  43.95
    L onto University Ave           43.98
    R End of route                  44.15
  • Wed, April 12, 2017 9:00 AM | Anonymous member

    The Hills-R-Us ride for 4/12/17 will be: Kennedy/Shannon + Hicks

    Rain Cancels and poor weather may change route

    Ride with GPS: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/1452310

    Leader: Paul Melville
    Distance: 58 miles
    Elevation: 5000 ft
    Lunch: Top of Hicks or Los Gatos Town Plaza Park

    R University Ave
    L S El Monte Ave
    R Foothill Expy
    S Mt Eden Rd
    R Pierce Rd
    L Hwy 9
    R 6th St
    L Oak St
    R Lomita Ave
    L Vickery Ave
    R Saratoga Los Gatos Rd
    R Montalvo Rd
    L Piedmont Rd
    R Peach Hill Rd
    L Glen Una Dr
    R Saratoga Los Gatos Rd
    R Ridgecrest Ave
    L Beck Ave
    R Hernandez Ave
    R Glen Ridge Ave
    L Pennsylvania Ave
    R Bayview Ave
    L W Main St
    S Los Gatos Blvd
    R Kennedy Rd
    R Shannon Rd
    R Hicks Rd
    U-Turn at Mt Umunhum Rd
    L Shannon Rd
    L Englewood Ave
    R Kennedy Rd
    S Caldwell Ave
    L Bella Vista Ave
    S New York Ave
    L Pleasant St
    R E Main St
    R N Santa Cruz Ave
    L Saratoga Los Gatos Rd
    L Prospect Rd
    S S Stelling Rd
    L Rainbow Dr
    R Bubb Rd
    L Hyannisport Dr
    R Linda Vista Dr
    L McClellan Rd
    S Mira Vista Ave
    L Palm Ave
    R S Foothill Blvd
    L S El Monte Ave
    R University Ave
    L Shoup

  • Wed, April 05, 2017 9:00 AM | Anonymous member
    Pescadero Clockwise
    Looks like a nice day and with the earlier start we can do a longer ride.
    Link to route on Ride With GPS: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/2175070 Distance: 66 miles Elevation: 6400 ft Lunch: Bring or buy lunch in Pescadero
    Leader: Doug Hahn

    Route: Shoup Park L University L Burke, almost to end R Chapin cont. Robleda, to end R Elena L Taaffe R Altamont REGROUP Black Mountain cont. Altamont L Page Mill REGROUP Skyline X Skyline cont. W Alpine L Pescadero REGROUP Sam McDonald(?) Park (on R, before summit) cont. Pescadero R Stage LUNCH Arcangeli's Bakery cont. Stage R Hwy 84 R W Old La Honda L Skyline REGROUP Skywood Mkt, Sky Londa L Hwy 84 (towards Woodside) R Portola Rd, to end L Sand Hill R+L Alpine to Junipero Serra X Oregon/Page Mill cont. Foothill R Main/Burke L University R Shoup Park
  • Mon, March 27, 2017 4:23 PM | Anonymous member

    The route this week is Kings, Tunitas to Bike Hut and return Via Lobitos and Tunitas.  55 Miles, 5500 ft.

    Route on Ride With GPS

    NOTE:  start time is 10 this week. April 1 it changes to 9.

    Ride Leader Steve Chapel


    Start Shoup Park 0.0
    L University Ave 0.1
    L Burke Rd 0.1
    R Old Altos Rd 0.2
    R Fremont Rd 0.3
    L Concepcion Rd 1.4
    R Purissima Rd 2.3
    L Arastradero Rd 3.6
    L Page Mill Rd 4.3
    R Arastradero Rd 4.6
    L Alpine Rd 6.6
    R Portola Rd 7.7
    Cont. Woodside Rd 11.9
    L Tripp Rd 13.0
    L Kings Mountain R 13.9
    Cont. Tunitas Creek 18.2
    Lunch at Bike Hut 26.7
    L Lobitos Creek Cut 27.7
    R Verde Rd 29.4
    R Lobitos Creek Rd 29.6
    L Tunitas Creek Rd 33.7
    Cont. Kings Mounta 39.4
    L Woodside Rd 44.4
    R Whiskey Hill Rd 45.4
    L Sand Hill Rd 46.7
    R Santa Cruz Ave 49.7
    L Junipero Serra Bl 49.8
    Cont.Foothill Expy 52.2
    R Main St 55.2
    L University Ave 55.3
    Turn right into Shou 55.3
    End of route 55.4
  • Wed, March 22, 2017 10:00 AM | Anonymous member

    Rain is likely Wednesday. Thursday may be dry. We may reschedule as Impromptu. 

    Here's Steve's 5 Loops that got modified a bit. Valley View, Mora, Camino Hermosa, Altamont, Altamont Circle, Foothill Park, Alexis(John Chambers house), Golden Oak, Westridge/Cervantes, Sand Hill. Hopefully they are all open and dry. RAIN CANCELS! Bring Munchies, no lunch stop planned.

    42 miles/4,200 feet


    Dave Fitch, davidfitch@prodigy.net

  • Wed, March 15, 2017 10:00 AM | Anonymous member

    HRU Route for 3/15/17:  To the Crater and Back 

    Rain cancels!

    Leader: Paul Melville
    Distance:  39 miles
    Elevation:  4000 ft
    Lunch: No lunch stop planned, bring lunch to eat at fire station

    To the Crater and Back

    R  University Ave            

    L  S El Monte Ave 

    R  Foothill Expy          

    R  Stevens Canyon Rd 

    L  Redwood Gulch Rd   

    R  Hwy-9

    L  Skyline

    U Turn at Crater         

    R  Page Mill Rd             

    R  Altamont Rd             

    L  Natoma Rd             

    R  Elena Rd

    L  Robleda Rd             

    R  Chapin Rd             

    L  Burke Rd

    R  University Ave

  • Wed, March 08, 2017 10:00 AM | Anonymous member

    Looks like it should be a nice day, I think these roads should be open (let me know if they are not).

    The route is Kennedy Shannon, 45 miles and about 3100 ft. Bring or buy lunch in Los Gatos. Rain Cancels..

    Route on Ride with GPS

    Turns Distance 
    Shoup Park 0.0
    R University Ave 0.1
    L El Monte Ave 0.7
    R Foothill Expy 0.8
    Cont. Stevens Canyon Rd 5.7
    Cont. Mt Eden Rd 8.9
    R Pierce Rd 11.2
    L Big Basin Way 12.2
    R 6th St 13.6
    L Oak St 13.7
    R Lomita Ave 13.8
    L Vickery Ave 14.0
    R Route 9 N 14.4
    R Montalvo Rd 14.4
    L Piedmont Rd 15.1
    R Peach Hill Rd 15.7
    L Glen Una Dr 16.5
    R Route 9 N 17.3
    R Ridgecrest Ave 18.7
    L Beck Ave 19.3
    R Hernandez Ave 19.4
    R Glen Ridge Ave 20.0
    L Pennsylvania Ave 20.1
    R Bayview Ave 20.2
    L W Main St 20.2
    Cont. Los Gatos Blvd 20.9
    R Kennedy Rd 21.5
    L Shannon Rd 24.8
    L Englewood Ave 27.3
    R Kennedy Rd 27.7
    Cont. Caldwell Ave 27.9
    L Bella Vista Ave 28.1
    Cont. New York Ave 28.5
    L Pleasant St 28.6
    R E Main St 28.7
    R University Ave 29.2
    L  Route 9 S 29.7
    Cont. Saratoga Sunnyvale 33.3
    L Wardell Rd 35.0
    R Arroyo De Arguello 35.3
    Cont. Via Roncole 35.8
    L Prospect Rd 36.1
    Cont. S Stelling Rd 36.4
    L Rainbow Dr 36.9
    R Bubb Rd 37.4
    L Hyannisport Dr 38.1
    R Linda Vista Dr 38.6
    L McClellan Rd 38.8
    L Palm Ave 39.3
    R S Foothill Blvd 39.5
    Cont. Foothill Expy 40.5
    L S El Monte Ave 44.2
    R University Ave 44.4
    Turn left 45.0
    Shoup Park 45.1
  • Mon, February 27, 2017 4:24 PM | Anonymous member

    Lets go to La Honda and back. Page to West Alpine and Return the same way. Bring snacks or buy at the La Honda Store.

    39 miles, 5200 Ft.

    Steve Chapel Ride Leader

    Route on Ride With GPS

  • Wed, February 22, 2017 10:00 AM | Anonymous member

    Stevens Canyon is toast. Closed at Montebello and lotsa mud and rocks on shoulders. 

    Here's Steve's 5 Loops that got modified a bit. Valley View, Mora, Camino Hermosa, Altamont, Altamont Circle, Foothill Park, Alexis(John Chambers house), Golden Oak, Westridge/Cervantes, Sand Hill. Hopefully they are all open and dry. RAIN CANCELS! Bring Munchies, no lunch stop planned.

    42 miles/4,200 feet


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