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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club


HillsRUs rolls weekly on Wednesdays

Route often includes Hwy 9, Page Mill, Old La Honda, Kings Mountain, West Alpine or Tunitas Creek. Always be prepared for variable weather on Skyline. Foul weather in the hills keeps the ride in the valley. This is a social-paced D ride with regroups; faster riders are welcome to form a D+/E group. Rain cancels.

Meet at 8:45 AM, Roll at 9:00 AM. Start location and Route announced Monday prior, via email and this page (scroll down to the blog).

Ride Leaders rotate weekly - Don Johann, Cathy Switzer, Jack Jones and Steve Rempel, with guest appearances by Michael Khaw, Gary Virshup, and others.

A selection of routes can be found in the WW Ride with GPS Route Catalog > use tag "HRU".

Last update: 28-Nov-22 CBS

  • Wed, June 30, 2021 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Enjoy the cool breeze as we head up Kings Mountain Road to Skyline, towards the coast but quick! A visit to the Duck Pond, and then a left turn takes us up through the stunning Redwoods to Alpine Lake for lunch. Continue south, descend Highway 9 and head back to Shoup.

    Start: Shoup Park, roll at 9 AM
    Distance: 66 miles
    Elevation: 6,294' per RWGPS

    Route >

    Cue Sheet >
    Weather >
    Lunch: bring to enjoy at Alpine Lake at mile 40 or so.
    Ride Leader: Cathy Switzer

  • Wed, June 23, 2021 9:00 AM | Anonymous member

    The weather will be cool enough to make a trip to Mt Um.

    Starting Location: Cupertino Bike Shop (CBS) for a 8:45 to 9:00 rolling start.

    Distance and elevation gain: 62 miles, 5,500'

    Lunch: Top (or parking lot) of Mt Umunhum. Bring food and water. The road at the very top may be closed to cyclists.

    Ride Leader: Jack Jones


    Cue Sheet>


  • Wed, June 16, 2021 9:00 AM | Anonymous member

    Well, it's going to be pretty hot on this side of the hill on Wednesday so lets head over to Half Moon Bay where it will be a lot cooler.

    Starting Location:  Shoup Park, 8:45 for a 9:00 am start

    Distance and Elevation: 69 miles 6400 feet

    Lunch:  Bring Lunch to eat at the Johnston House in Half Moon Bay


    Cue Sheet: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/36423783/cue_sheet

    Weather: https://bit.ly/3wu1TJw

  • Sun, June 06, 2021 3:11 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Good to start with the climb, the weather forecast calls for a brisk morning. Up Page Mill, south on Skyline to Bear Creek Road, Summit Road, Mountain Charlie Road, around Lexington Reservoir, with a new route through Saratoga!

    Distance: 58 miles
    Elevation: 5174 ft.
    Lunch: Cuesta de Los Gatos Park, AKA Redwood Estates Upper Park on Summit Road at Bayview Dr. ~ 28 miles

    Route > 
    Cue Sheet >
    Weather forecast >

    Special Guest Lead by Gary Virshup

    Note: This ride will go down Los Gatos Creek Trail (i.e dirt) from Lexington to downtown Los Gatos.

    Rain cancels.

  • Wed, June 02, 2021 8:30 AM | Anonymous member

    In celebration of the week of the Sequoi-tual https://westernwheelersbicycleclub.wildapricot.org/Sequoia, we will be doing the 72 mile route from Shoup Park.  Note the slightly earlier start, both because the ride is a tad longer than usual, and because we don't want to miss the pastries and coffee at the new Loma Mar store, on our descent into Pescadero.  The weather looks... well... Goldilocks.  

    We'll start at Shoup again, first heading up Page Mill, and then down Alpine.  From there we'll head up Haskins Hill, and down into Pescadero, stopping first in Loma Mar.  We'll do lunch behind the Archangel bakery, so bring or buy, or do a little of each.  After lunch, we'll do Stage across to Tunitas, and down Kings Mountain, before taking the Portola loop back to Shoup.  

    You do not need to be registered for the Sequoi-tual, but if you are, make sure and wear your jersey.  

    Starting Location:  Meet at Shoup Park at 8:15 for an 8:30AM roll.

    Distance: 72 miles

    Elevation: 8100 feet

    Lunch: Bring lunch, or buy in Pescadero to eat behind the Archangel bakery..

    Route >
    Cue Sheet >
    Weather Forecast >

  • Wed, May 26, 2021 9:00 AM | Anonymous member

    Let's go do a regular route and enjoy more great weather.  We'll climb Page Mill Road, descend Alpine Road on our way to San Gregorio.

    Lunch at the Bike Hut, so bring food.

    Starting Location:  Meet at Shoup Park for a rolling 8:45 to 9:00 AM departure.

    Distance: 57 miles

    Elevation gain: 5,800'. 

    Ride Leader - Jack Jones


    Cue Sheet


  • Wed, May 19, 2021 9:00 AM | Anonymous member

    As T.S. Eliot might have said, good ride leaders borrow; great ride leaders steal.  So let's steal most of Don's great ride from last week, but do it in the other direction.  

    We'll start at Shoup again, first heading out to Los Gatos and Lexington.  Past Lexington we'll do something a little different from the traditional HRU Lexington route, climbing Redwood Estates out of Holy City, in lieu of our usual Mountain Charlie ascent.  We'll continue on across Summit/Bear Creek/Skyline to Page Mill.  

    Make sure and load up with two water bottles before leaving Los Gatos.  There should be food and beverages to buy at the Redwood Estates store, halfway up the climb, but it's wise to have supplies that will last until the Castle Rock parking area.  

    Starting Location:  Meet at Shoup Park at 8:45 for a 9:00M roll.

    Distance: 58 miles

    Elevation: 5200 feet

    Lunch: Bring lunch to eat at Redwood Estates Park on Summit. or buy lunch at the small market halfway up the Redwood Estates climb, and carry it up to the park.

    Route >
    Cue Sheet >
    Weather Forecast >

    Note:  be aware that there is a 1.5 mile section of dirt on the Los Gatos Creek trail. In this direction the trail starts flat, and then has a short steeper gravel section which is easily walkable.  From there it's quite rideable to the climb across the dam face, although care should be taken when exiting the short bridge onto the gravel, just before the asphalt dam climb.

  • Wed, May 12, 2021 9:00 AM | Anonymous member

    Well, it's time we had a ride start at Shoup again.  So we'll start at Shoup, climb Page Mill and try to avoid the heat by staying on Skyline as long as possible before descending Old Santa Cruz and heading back through Los Gatos.

    Starting Location:  meet at Shoup Park at 8:45 for a 9:00am start

    Distance: 59 miles

    Elevation: 5500 feet

    Lunch: bring lunch to eat at Redwood Estates Park on Skyline


    Cue Sheethttps://ridewithgps.com/routes/32358240/cue_sheet

    Weather Forecasthttps://bit.ly/3o6rtRt

    Note:  be aware that there is a 1.5 mile section of dirt on the Los Gatos Creek trail. It has a short steeper gravel section which is easily walkable and then the rest is flat hard packed dirt which is easy to ride.

  • Wed, May 05, 2021 8:45 AM | Anonymous member

    Let's finish our HRU big mountain hat trick, and celebrate Cinco de Mayo, with Mt Hamilton, along with Kincaid Road, following Guy Shuman's LDT-D route, which Guy will lead on May 31st, as the finale in the LDT series.  Last fall, during the Fall Fun Series, Kincaid was freshly burned, but I'm hoping we will still see a little green this time around.

    Meet at NE corner of Cataldi Park (2979 Cataldi Drive, San Jose, CA), for a 8:45 to 9:00 rolling departure.

    Lunch is at the top of Hamilton.  Bring your own food for this ride.  Water is available at the start, at the Grant Lake Trailhead parking area, and on top.  There is no water along Kincaid, so plan accordingly.  There are restrooms at Cataldi and at the Grant Lake Trailhead, but none on top.  

    Stats: 60 miles, 7150' of climbing

    Ride leader:  Steve Rempel


    Cue Sheet

  • Wed, April 28, 2021 9:00 AM | Anonymous member

    Another premier climb, Mt Diablo, with picturesque Morgan Territory following the LDT D route.  This is Guy Shuman's route that he will be leading on the May 8th LDT.

    Meet at Diablo Vista Park, 1000 Tassajara Ranch Dr., Danville for a 8:45 to 9:00 rolling departure.

    Lunch is at The Grove park in Clayton.  Bring or buy (there's a Subway nearby)

    Stats: 67 miles, 6,700' of climbing

    Ride leader:  Jack Jones


    Cue Sheet


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