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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club

Wednesday afternoon, December 19, the club lost a beloved member, Troy Folkner. Troy ran over tree debris on Los Gatos-Saratoga Road. A stick flew up into his front wheel causing him to crash. He appears to have died instantly. Those riding with him on the HillsRUs ride tried hard to save him and are bereft.  

He is loved. He is missed. We are reeling from the impact of losing him. We have lost a very special person. His smile. His humor. His gentle teasing. Those who know him best love him most. We send our deepest sympathy to Laura, his wife. We send healing wishes to Steve Chapel who fell while avoiding Troy's accident. More information will follow for a club memorial ride.  

Laura, Troy's wife, is grateful to the club for the support for her and Troy. 

His obituary is here.

Please post your stories and wishes here. You'll need to log into Western Wheelers before you can post.  At Laura's request, please don't post any of the content here to Facebook. Pictures? Please email them to Mona Schorow to be uploaded.

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