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Fri, December 21, 2018 4:07 PM | Anonymous member
I found Troy to be kind and gentle, smart and fun, inquisitive and never falling into the trap of telling you the answer.

Troy holds a special place for me on Tunitas Creek. One of the last times I climbed it with him, we got over taken by Francine and Bruce and then rode with them. Troy told me that he was going to take it easy but the next thing I knew I was watching his tail light. He was waiting for me at the top and with no comment about my performance but I certainly gave him an ear full about taking it easy. The photograph is after trying to stay up with Troy and Michael Gonzales. Straight after the photograph I had to lay down.

He intrigued me. I learned that he had had back surgery that did not work out as intended. I was intrigued how he appeared to be coping with this setback but I never heard him complain, a lesson for me.

I will sorely miss Troy and the fun and life he brought to our lives.
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