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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club

Strava Comments on Troy's Last Ride

Mon, January 28, 2019 3:52 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
Christian Paquet

It so emotional to see your last ride posted. Rest in Peace! https://westernwheelersbicycleclub.wildapricot.org/page-1863789

Don Johann

You were the best, Troy. I will miss you

Roger Stenerson

Wow, so sad! You will be missed.

Ron Wolf

Honored to have had the blessing of trying to keep up with Troy. Thankful to the Western Wheelers for making that possible & fun.

Stuart Kreitman

Troy, you were a strong and responsible rider. It is painful to say goodbye this way. May his memory be a blessing

David Feiler

Farewell Troy

Betty D

You always had something nice to say to me every time you caught me and passed me by. I loved your pictures on Strava; sometimes I'd try to find the things you took pictures of to give myself goals on the bike. We're going to miss you terribly.

James Porter

Troy, you were such a kind person and strong rider. It was always so fun to ride with you and hear your refreshing take on things. You will be sorely missed.

Hal Steger

This is unbelievable! So sad! Troy will be sorely missed.

Warren Chan

I will miss you Troy. It's ironic that Strava recorded your riding right to it's unexpected and tragic end. I will miss the never ending upbeat energy you always brought on our rides.

Jimbo Williams

Troy, very saddened to see you go. You were always amicable, thoughtful, witty and entertaining. The life of the ride and I'm sure in evrrything you did. I can only aspire to be more like you.

Megyn Lansing

Troy, you were always so nice to me, the newbie. I will miss you.

Marshall Jackson

Rest in Peace, my friend.

Samir A.

So sad news. Troy will be dearly missed. Deepest Condolences to his family and friends.

Gary Premo

It was a joy and an honor to have counted Troy as a friend. Rest in peace Troy.

The Green One

Will miss your company on rides and our many chats on old cars. Unbelievable!

Cindy Asrir

So very sad you're not with us anymore, Troy. Rest in peace, my friend.

Tom Wisdom

Troy was such an encouraging and friendly guy who always chatted it up with me. I will miss him greatly! Prays for his family...

Steve Dowd

Truly awful news. Troy will be missed.

Chantal Aboulhouda-Olivier

So sad and so difficult to believe.

Doreen Wagner

so sorry to hear.

Denis Lynch

Ride on in peace, Troy. Your memory will always be a blessing!

Samir Gehani

Deeply, deeply saddened by this shocking news. A programmer. A wine lover. And an avid and powerful rider! My most esteemed and idolized neighbor, I will miss you. Thank you for inspiring me with your superhuman riding power, humor, wit, and being an unwavering beacon of niceness. You will be so dearly missed.

Michael Gonzales

May the wind always be at your back!. Rest in peace Troy.

Jeffery Nilles

This is a bit of a shock. Once in a while Troy and I would split off and do some extra loop. He was faster than me but stuck with us. I also remember that he would make coffee in the bike hut. And since he made a pot, I would drink it. With a little reminder from him.

Dave Cherne

I am so sad we lost such a wonderful soul. Troy you will be sorely missed.

Cheryl Prothero

So hard to believe. I will always cherish the memories of riding with Troy.

Dave Collet

Troy - you will be missed. Thanks for all the advice you used to give me years ago regarding work, and cycling. So sad to hear about this. You were/are such a great person. Rest in peace, sir.

gary virshup

Truly sad news. Troy was one of the friendliest people on our WW rides. It was always a joy talking to him, if I was lucky enough to keep up with him. His photos and comments were both insightful and joyous. I will miss him.

Steven Anderson

Rest In Peace.

Mona Schorow
You always rode with us. Now, you ride with us in our hearts.

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