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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club

Tartan Trail & Bunker Hill

Mon, February 11, 2019 6:29 PM | Anonymous member

The ride for Wed Feb 13 will be Tartan Trail & Bunker Hill.  Rain is almost certain so the ride will most likely be canceled.  We will then try to reschedule the same ride on Thursday or Friday but the weather looks sketchy then also so stay tuned.


Distance: 54 miles

Elevation: 4700 feet

Lunch is at the shopping center on Polhemus


Turn left onto University Ave 0.1 mi
Turn right onto Main St 0.2 mi
Turn left onto Foothill Expy 0.2 mi
Slight left to stay on Foothill Expy 1.9 mi
Continue onto G5/Junipero Serra Blvd 3.3 mi
Turn right onto Santa Cruz Ave 5.7 mi
Turn left onto Sand Hill Rd 5.8 mi
Turn right onto Manzanita Way 8.9 mi
Turn right to stay on Manzanita Way 9.9 mi
Turn right onto Mountain Home Rd 10.2 mi
Turn left onto Woodside Rd 10.6 mi
Turn right onto Cañada Road 10.6 mi
Turn right onto Godetia Dr 12.1 mi
Regroup at Top of Godetia 12.6 mi
Turn left onto Jefferson Ave 12.6 mi
Turn right onto Glencrag Way 12.9 mi
Continue onto Maple Way 13.4 mi
Turn left onto W Maple Way 13.6 mi
Turn left onto Eastview Way 14.0 mi
Turn right to stay on Eastview Way 14.0 mi
Turn left onto Hillcrest Way 14.3 mi
Turn left onto Glenloch Way 14.6 mi
Slight left onto Sylvan Way 15.0 mi
Turn left onto Lakeview Way 15.8 mi
Turn left onto Cordilleras Rd 16.3 mi
Turn left onto Edgewood Rd 16.3 mi
Slight right toward Crestview Dr 16.6 mi
Continue straight onto Crestview Dr 16.8 mi
Regroup at Crestview Park 17.5 mi
Continue onto Hallmark Dr 19.0 mi
Turn left onto Ralston Ave 20.5 mi
Continue onto Polhemus Rd 21.1 mi
Continue onto Crystal Springs Rd 23.1 mi
Turn left onto Tartan Trail Rd 23.3 mi
Turn right to stay on Tartan Trail Rd 23.9 mi
Turn left onto Black Mountain Rd 24.4 mi
Turn right onto Wedgewood Dr 24.4 mi
Continue onto Black Mountain Rd 24.4 mi
Turn left onto CA-35 S/Hayne Rd 24.9 mi
Turn left onto CA-35 S 25.1 mi
Turn left onto Crystal Springs Rd 26.4 mi
Turn right onto Polhemus Rd 27.3 mi
Lunch at Shopping Center 28.4 mi
Turn right onto Bunker Hill Dr 28.4 mi
Turn left onto CA-35 S 29.6 mi
Turn left onto CA-92 E/Ralston Ave 30.5 mi
Slight right to stay on CA-92 E/Ralston Ave 31.0 mi
Slight right toward Cañada Road (signs for Cañada Road) 31.1 mi
Continue straight onto Cañada Road 31.2 mi
Turn right onto Olive Hill Ln 37.7 mi
Turn left onto Albion Ave 38.1 mi
Turn right onto Manuella Ave 38.6 mi
Turn right onto Kings Mountain Rd 39.0 mi
Turn left onto Tripp Rd 39.4 mi
Continue onto Woodside Rd 40.3 mi
Slight left onto Portola Rd 41.4 mi
Turn right to stay on Portola Rd 42.2 mi
Turn left onto Westridge Dr 44.5 mi
Turn right onto Cervantes Rd 45.0 mi
Turn right onto Minoca Rd 46.3 mi
Slight left onto Golden Oak Dr 46.9 mi
Turn left onto Alpine Rd 47.1 mi
Turn right onto Arastradero Rd 47.1 mi
Turn left onto Page Mill Rd 49.1 mi
Keep right at the fork 49.3 mi
Turn right onto Arastradero Rd 49.4 mi
Turn right onto La Cresta Dr 50.3 mi
Turn right onto Viscaino Rd 51.3 mi
Turn left onto Roble Ladera Rd 51.4 mi
Continue onto Purissima Rd 51.8 mi
Turn left onto Robleda Rd 52.4 mi
Slight right onto Chapin Rd 53.1 mi
Turn left onto Burke Rd 53.3 mi
Turn right onto University Ave 53.7 mi
Slight right to stay on University Ave 53.8 mi
Turn right 53.9 mi

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