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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club

Mike's Swan Song

Wed, January 09, 2019 10:00 AM | Anonymous member

The current weather forecast is poor for this week so it’s likely the ride will be cancelled.  In case the weather allows, let’s do Mike K's Swan Song!    No lunch stop (there is a option for lunch but usually it is skipped) so bring snacks.

Rain cancels.

The Hills-R-Us route: Mike K’s Swan Song ( LAH quarry, Moody, Foothills Park, Alpine/Joaquin, Westridge, St. Francis/La Cresta)
Route link:


Leader: Paul Melville
Distance:  40 miles
Elevation:  4500 ft 
Lunch: Bring snacks, no lunch stop



R University Ave   0.0
L Burke Rd   0.2
R Chapin Rd   0.6
Cont. Robleda Rd   0.9
L Elena Rd   1.7
Cont. El Monte Rd   2.5
R Voorhees Dr   3.3
R Clausen Ct   3.4
Cont. Barley Hill Rd   3.6
L Hilltop Dr   3.9
R Hillview Rd   4.3
R Magdalena Ave   4.7
R Stonebrook Dr   5.8
Cont. Laura Ct   6.1
R Kate Dr   6.1
L Teresa Way   6.2
R Stonebrook Dr   6.3
R Oak Knoll Cir   6.5
Cont. Prospect Ave   7.1
L La Loma Dr   7.5
R Summit Wood   7.8
L Tepa Way   8.2
L Moody Rd   8.4
R Page Mill Rd   10.9
L Foothill Park   11.2
L Slight L   11.4
R Slight R   12.2
R Page Mill Rd   13.4
R Altamont Rd   13.8
L Briones Way   14.0
L Ventana Way   14.3
R Page Mill Rd   14.5
L Arastradero Rd   16.0
L Alpine Rd   17.9
L Joaquin Rd   22.3
R Old Spanish Trail   22.7
L Vista Verde Way   23.1
R Ramona Rd   23.4
R Los Trancos Rd   24.1
L Fire Rd Only   25.1
L Valley Oak St   25.2
L Indian Crossing   25.8
L Alpine Rd   25.9
R Willowbrook Dr   26.1
L Portola Rd   26.9
R Westridge Dr   27.3
R Golden Hills Dr   28.4
R Meadowood Dr   28.6
R Cervantes Rd   29.0
L Shawnee Pass   29.0
R Iroquois Trail   29.4
Cont. Georgia Ln   29.6
L Portola Rd   29.9
L Alpine Rd   30.4
R Junipero Serra   34.7
Cont. Foothill Expy   37.1
R Hillview Ave   37.7
Cont. Fremont Rd   38.4
R St Francis Rd   39.0
L La Cresta Dr   39.6
L Viscaino Rd   40.4
L Concepcion Rd   40.8
R Fremont Rd   41.1
L W Edith Ave   41.9
R University Ave   42.1


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