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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club

Tartan Trail / Bunker Hill

Wed, August 22, 2018 9:00 AM | Anonymous member

It looks to be cooler so here is an Emerald Hills ride that we haven't done in a while. Rain cancels.

We're doing the 2 climbs named in the subject line, adding some bumps along the way there and back. Optional lunch stop midway at the shopping plaza on Polhemus.

54 miles ,

4700 Ft.

Leader : Doug Hahn

Link to route at Ride With GPS

Notes Distance
Shiup Park 0.0
L University Ave 0.1
R Main St 0.2
L Foothill Expy 0.2
R Santa Cruz Ave 5.7
L Sand Hill Rd 5.8
R Manzanita Way 8.9
R Mountain Home Rd 10.2
L Woodside Rd 10.6
R Canada Road 10.6
R Godetia Dr 12.1
L Jefferson Ave 12.6
R Glencrag Way 12.9
Cont. Maple Way 13.4
L W Maple Way 13.6
L Eastview Way 14.0
R stay on Eastview Way 14.0
L Hillcrest Way 14.3
L Glenloch Way 14.6
L Sylvan Way 15.0
L Lakeview Way 15.8
L Cordilleras Rd 16.3
L Edgewood Rd 16.3
R Crestview Dr 16.6
Cont. Hallmark Dr 19.0
L Ralston Ave 20.5
Cont. Polhemus Rd 21.2
Cont. Crystal Springs Rd 23.1
L Tartan Trail Rd 23.3
R stay on Tartan Trail Rd 23.9
L Black Mountain Rd 24.4
R Wedgewood Dr 24.4
Cont. Black Mountain Rd 24.4
L CA-35 S/Hayne Rd 24.9
L CA-35 S 25.1
L Crystal Springs Rd 26.4
R Polhemus Rd 27.3
R Bunker Hill Dr 28.4
L CA-35 S 29.6
L CA-92 E/Ralston Ave 30.5
R Canada Road 31.1
R Olive Hill Ln 37.7
L Albion Ave 38.1
R Manuella Ave 38.6
R Kings Mountain Rd 39.0
L Tripp Rd 39.4
Cont. Woodside Rd 40.3
L Portola Rd 41.4
L Westridge Dr 44.5
R Cervantes Rd 45.0
R Minoca Rd 46.3
L Golden Oak Dr 46.9
L Alpine Rd 47.1
R Arastradero Rd 47.1
L Page Mill Rd 49.1
R Arastradero Rd 49.4
R La Cresta Dr 50.3
R Viscaino Rd 51.3
L Roble Ladera Rd 51.4
Cont. Purissima Rd 51.8
L Robleda Rd 52.4
R Chapin Rd 53.1
L Burke Rd 53.3
R University Ave 53.8
Turn right into Shoup 53.9
End of route 54.0


  • Mon, August 20, 2018 5:30 PM | Michael Khaw (Administrator)
    Clever way to sneak in Crestview the hard way!

    An alternative to Tartan Trail is to detour onto Lakeview Dr/Wedgwood Dr to Black Mtn. (i.e., the route going by the Flintstone House at Berryessa Way off Lakeview).
    Link  •  Reply
    • Tue, August 21, 2018 7:17 PM | Anonymous member
      I am changing the specified route to Coastal Classic due to construction on Canada Rd.

      Last minute changes may apply.

      Link to route on Ride With GPS: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/9610455

      Notes Distance
      Start of route 0.0
      L University Ave 0.1
      L Burke Rd 0.2
      R Old Altos Rd 0.3
      R Fremont Rd 0.4
      L Concepcion Rd 1.5
      R Purissima Rd 2.4
      L Arastradero Rd 3.7
      L Page Mill Rd 4.4
      R Arastradero Rd 4.7
      L Alpine Rd 6.7
      R Portola Rd 7.8
      L Old La Honda Rd 10.7
      L CA-35/Skyline Blvd 14.1
      R Old La Honda Rd 14.1
      Slight left onto CA-84 W 16.7
      R Stage Rd 28.1
      R CA-1 N 29.3
      R Tunitas Creek Rd 30.8
      Cont. Kings Mountain Rd 40.2
      L Woodside Rd 45.2
      R Whiskey Hill Rd 46.2
      L Sand Hill Rd 47.6
      R Santa Cruz Ave 50.5
      L G5/Junipero Serra Blvd 50.6
      Cont. Foothill Expy 53.0
      R Main St 56.0
      L University Ave 56.1
      Turn right 56.2
      End of route 56.3
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