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HRU for Wednesday April 5th, 2023

Wed, April 05, 2023 9:00 AM | Anonymous member

With the string of rainouts, you've all likely forgotten how to even spell HRU, but this week the forecast is for a very temperate day, with a high of 61, so let's go do one of my favorite rides - the Los Gatos zig-zag, Shennedy, and a little Hicks (the fun part).  It's an extended version of my first HRU ride, but this time with a little Gary V. inspired twist on the way home (Montewood instead of Sobey - a new road for me).  The goal of this route was to barely touch highway 9 (just a tad on the way back).

If you've thought about HRU, but aren't sure if HRU is your tribe (strong C+), consider trying this ride.   I chose something similar to this as my first HRU ride because I knew there were lots of options to shorten the ride along the way.  As well, feel free to join us as we pass by Monta Vista Park on Foothill, which trims a good ten miles off the ride.  

There are a lot of zigs and zags - particularly on the way out, so I highly recommend downloading the route to your GPS device.

This is a social-paced D ride with regroups; faster riders are encouraged to form a D+/E group. Rain cancels.

Start: Shoup Park, rolling at 9 AM

Lunch: At mile 40, bring food to enjoy at the Town Plaza Park in Los Gatos, or go do a little hunting and gathering along Main Street.  

Ride Leader: Steve Rempel

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