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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club

Volunteer - DAY of Ride - Foothill College Location

  • Sun, June 02, 2019
  • Multiple Locations


(depends on selected options)

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  • Duane Linden Captain

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Volunteers, we need you!

How to Register

1. Review the volunteer activities from the list below.  The descriptions will change as the captains review and modify the needs.

2. Register by clicking on the [Register] button in the left column.

3. The confirmation letter of your volunteer registration will contain information about your volunteer gift .  To register for more than one activity, simply click [Register] again, then [New Registration].

Job Descriptions

DAY of Ride Sunday, June 2

Foothill College Location

Foothill College Traffic & Parking.  Post traffic monitors along entrance road and Lot 3. Train crew to minimize congestion and create smooth entry/exit. Duane Linden 

Foothill College Flags and Pendants. Gather flags and pendants from locker. Set up at start day before in Lot 3.  Move to Finish Line later in day. Lot 1H. Take down flags, signs and pendants at end of the day and return to locker. Two shifts, two volunteers each. Captain TBD

Foothill College Signs. Determine needed signs and mounting hardware, bring to site. Put up flags and directory signs at parking and check in. Move flags and signs to the finish line area in afternoon. Take down all signs and flags after 6 pm. 

Bike Parking "Valet".  Create a number tag/ticket system.  Set up bike racks or use tennis court area (in/out) provide security while riders have finish line meal. Retrieve/return bikes to riders. 2 shifts with crew of 5 each. Captain TBD

Emergency Phone Contact Foothill College & Finish Line area w radio/sag team.  2 Shifts. Acquire Event Only cell phone to receive calls from riders needing SAG assistance. Relay emergency information to radio/sag crew. You will need an EVENT SPECIFIC cell phone and a number to be printed on the route sheets. (Need phone number by April 15).

Foothill College First Aid.  Support first aid needs at Finish Line.  EMT trained preferred. Monitor riders as they finish; look for stress/heat issues. Contact/in touch with Foothill College Fire/EMT Station. Two shifts: 11 am - 2:30 pm, 2:30 - 6 pm. Ken Lum

Chocolate Milk Distributors.  Hand out chocolate milk to riders at the Finish Line. Two shifts of two volunteers each needed.

Finish Line Festivities - Connie Jorgensen

Foothill College Start Area  Set up tables and bike racks, serve snacks to workers & riders, provide water for bottles, and generally help riders get on the way, 4:30 AM - 9:00 AM.  Russ Hull

Foothill College Shift 2 Direct and cheer returning riders to the lunch spot; clear tables and restock garbage bags and toilet supplies. 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM Russ Hull and TBD

Foothill College Shift 3 Direct returning riders to the lunch spot, clear tables, and help pack up and clean the site. 3:00 pm - 7:00 Russ Hull and TBD

Foothill College Merchandise Sales. Set up table, chair, shade, signage, and money box. Take payments via PayPal. Sell and distribute pre-ordered Sequoia merchandise. Two shifts, one volunteer each at Lot 1H.  

Foothill College Check In.  Set up tables, signs and chairs, crowd/line control plan.  Greet riders, verify registration, assign rider numbers, rider ID wrist bands and maps, answer questions. Four Routes depart in half hour windows beginning at 6am.  Last group of riders on route by 8 a.m. One shift; begins 5:30 AM. Ends 9:00 AM. Lot 3. Bert Nelson  

Load the Truck. With help from site volunteers, the crew will load the large truck with all the supplies going back to the WW storage locker. The crew will also assist with general site cleanup as needed. 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM Transportation Captain Guy Shuman. 

More Info/Questions? sequoia@westernwheelers.org

Sequoia Chair: Randall Braun

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