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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club

Hwy 9, Skyline, Bear Creek, Black, 9, Page Mill

Wed, April 25, 2018 9:00 AM | Anonymous member

We'll head South to Bear Creek, Black. Return Skyline, Page Mill. Limited water and RR stops. Bring lunch.

60 miles/ 7,000 feet


Turn right onto University Ave

0.1 mi

Turn left onto S El Monte Ave

0.7 mi

Turn right onto Foothill Expy

0.8 mi

Continue onto N Foothill Blvd

4.5 mi

Continue onto Stevens Canyon Rd

5.7 mi

Straight Mt Eden Rd

8.9 mi

Turn right onto Pierce Rd

11.2 mi

Slight right onto CA-9 S

12.2 mi

RR / water at CDF on Skyline

17.7 mi

Turn left onto CA-35

17.7 mi

Turn left onto CA-35/Bear Creek Rd

28.0 mi

Turn left onto Montevina Rd

31.7 mi

Turn left onto Black Rd

32.0 mi

RR / Water at school Sometimes if not locked

33.5 mi

Turn right onto CA-35/Skyline Blvd

36.5 mi

CDF water / "CAT" RR

43.5 mi

Turn right onto Page Mill Rd

49.3 mi

Turn right onto Altamont Rd

55.7 mi

Turn left onto Taaffe Rd

56.8 mi

Turn right onto Elena Rd

57.7 mi

Turn left onto Robleda Rd

57.9 mi

Slight right onto Chapin Rd

58.7 mi

Turn left onto Burke Rd

58.9 mi

Continue straight onto Old Altos Rd

59.3 mi

Continue onto Burke Rd

59.3 mi

Turn right onto University Ave

59.4 mi

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