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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club

Both Sides of OLH+ 4/30/14

Sun, April 30, 2000 9:00 AM | Anonymous member

The Hills-R-Us route:  Both Sides of OLH+
Route link:   http://ridewithgps.com/routes/1879963 
Leader: Paul Melville
Distance:  42 miles
Elevation:  4200 ft
Lunch: Bring or buy lunch at Skywood Market, Sky Londa.

L  University Ave

L  Burke Rd

R  Old Altos Rd

R  W Fremont Rd

L  Concepcion Rd

R  Purissima Rd

L  Arastradero Rd

L  Page Mill Rd

R  Arastradero Rd

R  Alpine Rd

L  Santa Cruz Av

L  Sand Hill Rd

S  Portola Rd 

R  Old La Honda Rd 

Regroup at top (Skyline Blvd).

R  Skyline Blvd

L  CA Hwy 84

L  Old La Honda Rd

Caution: blind curve. Regroup at top.

L  Skyline Blvd

Regroup, food, water, restroom in Sky Londa.

R  CA Hwy 84

R  Portola Rd  - Hairpin curve.

R  Portola Rd

L  Alpine Rd

R  Arastradero Rd

R  Page Mill Rd

L  Altamont Rd

L  Taaffe Rd

R  Elena Rd

L  Robleda Rd

R  Chapin Rd

L  Burke Rd

R  University Rd

R  Shoup Park

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