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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club


  • Sat, July 24, 2021
  • 7:45 AM
  • San Raphael, CA

Meet Bill Sherwin (wbsherwin@gmail.com, 650-888-6749) and Amanda Archer at 7:45 AM for an 8:00 departure at MARIN COUNTY CIVIC CENTER, 3501 Civic Center Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903. The route is exactly what it says, the E LDT route at a C pace.  We'll be out there all day. Faster riders are welcome to join and go at their own pace.  Hope to see you there!

Route Sheet/GPS: https://westernwheelersbicycleclub.wildapricot.org/page-1859035


There is risk in all gatherings, since people without symptoms can transmit COVID-19. Participation in club rides is voluntary. Do not join club rides if you are sick (eg. cough, sore throat, fever, loss of smell). Members assume the full and complete risk that is associated with exposure to and infection by COVID-19 during such participation. 

Riders are required to follow CA CDPH Guidelines  for face coverings. These guidelines require mask use based on vaccination status. Fully vaccinated individuals are not required to wear facemasks during normal outdoor activities involved in a WW ride. When visiting any indoor location (restaurants/restrooms) or stopping at an event (festival/farmers market, etc) riders must follow CA CPDH guidelines. All riders must carry a face covering to be worn when required. Unvaccinated individuals are required to wear face coverings at the start of each ride and whenever physical distancing (6 feet) cannot be maintained.  

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