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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club

2018 Turning Wheels for Kids–Big Bike Build

  • Mon, September 24, 2018
  • 12:00 AM
  • Sat, December 01, 2018
  • 11:59 PM
  • San Jose Convention Center
  • 22


  • Registration is free, and is for the purposes of letting TWFK know how large a work area to assign to our team

I acknowledge that (1) this form only informs the Western Wheelers of a headcount to create "teams" of up to 10 members with TWFK; (2) I still must register online at TWFK's website when it opens for signups.

What is turning wheels for kids?

Turning Wheels for Kids (TWFK) buys bicycles and helmets with donated funds to give away to kids to prevent childhood obesity and support low-income families. Bikes are one of the Christmas gifts most requested by kids. 

TWFK is an all-volunteer organization working in partnership with community groups such as the Valley Medical Center Foundation and the Santa Clara Fire Department, as well as corporate sponsors such as Specialized Bicycles, Raleigh America and the San Francisco 49ers.

On Saturday December 1, 2018, TWFK will hold their Big Bike Build (BBB) at the San Jose Convention Center, where hundreds of volunteers from many different clubs and companies come together to assemble a few thousand bikes to be given away to deserving kids. TWFK provides breakfast, lunch, T-shirts, and validated parking (they strongly encourage carpooling as parking spaces are limited).  

Each volunteer donates $100 towards the purchase of new bikes and helps on the day of the Big Bike Build. 

WANT TO join the western wheelers team?

Western Wheelers have participated in TWFK-BBB since 2013. This year the club will co-sponsor up to 40 Western Wheelers members. The first 40 Western Wheelers who sign up during "pre-registration"—Sep. 24 through Oct. 5—will be matched with a $50 contribution from the club. This means each member donates $50 and the club matches the other $50 (as a reimbursement).

Because spaces go so fast, we ask you to sign up on this page so that we can notify you as soon as we find out when registration opens. Pre-registration opened Monday September 24 and ends after Friday December 5.

To pre-register, go to: 



  1. link opens in a new tab/page
  2. for Team Name, use "Western Wheelers" (without the quote marks)

Do you wish to help, but $50 (or $100 up front) is too much? If there are any spaces left over after pre-registration, there will be an "open registration" on October 6 where volunteers donate $25 each. You can take your chances and wait, but you’ll have to act fast when open registration starts because the remaining spaces go fast.

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