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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club

Eastern Sierra Escape

  • Tue, September 08, 2015
  • 8:30 AM
  • Sun, September 20, 2015
  • http://www.bikemaster.org/campouts/eastern-sierra/index.htm

The popular Eastern Sierra tour is scheduled again this September. These are club rides open to anyone. We are not a tour company. There are no fees. Join us for all or part of this tour. This year we start in Bishop. The climbs are described in “The Complete Guide to Climbing (by Bike) by John Summerson.” We will offer shorter options with less climbing on some days. All routes are out-and-back so you can do the climbs at your own pace.

Date Ride Hotel Location

9/8/2015 Relax, hike, or make-up ride Bishop

9/9/2015 Pine Creek Bishop

9/10/2015 Rock Creek/Mosquito Flat Bishop

9/11/2015 Relax, hike, or make-up ride Bishop

9/12/2015 South Lake & Lake Sabrina Bishop

9/13/2015 Glacier Lodge / Death Valley Rd. Bishop

9/14/2015 Relax, hike, or make-up ride Bishop

9/15/2015 Bristlecone Pine Forest Bishop

9/16/2015 Onion Valley Lone Pine

9/17/2015 Relax, hike, or make-up ride Lone Pine

9/18/2015 Horseshoe Meadows Lone Pine

9/19/2015 Whitney Portal Lone Pine

9/20/2015 Relax, hike, or make-up ride

Every third day you have the option: relax, take a beautiful hike, or take a make-up ride if you arrived late. We will pick out some spectacular alpine hikes. We’ll stay in hotels in Bishop and Lone Pine. ACTC members Donny Axtell and Joan Freed have agreed to lead this tour, taking over for Dick and Donna Matthews, who plan to participate on the tour. A detailed presentation of the 2015 tour (with motel/ camping options) is at: http://www.bikemaster.org/campouts/eastern-sierra/index.htm Email Donny Axtell  Donny@bikemaster.org) or Dick Matthews (rmatthews1942@gmail.com) if interested, to get further updates, and to let us know which days you plan to be there.

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