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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club

The Sequoia Cancellation & Refund Policy

We reserve the right to cancel The Sequoia event at any time, for any reason(s), whether natural, man-made, ethereal or by official requirement. If the event is cancelled, there will be no Transfers, Forwards or Refunds. We reserve the right to cancel the registration (and pull the wristband) of any rider for any reason, before or during the event and there are no refunds.

If for your own reasons, you can’t/don’t ride in The Sequoia, you may:

1) Transfer (give) your registration to another rider this year, up to the day before the event. The new rider must come to “Early check-in” (at The Bicycle Outfitter, Los Altos) on Saturday afternoon (the day before The Sequoia) to fill out the necessary registration and release forms and get their wristband and route map. We must have email or other proof of Transfer request. Additional fees will be required if the new rider wants to do a longer route. Those fees are based on the original registration type; early, regular, late. There are no partial refunds if the new rider chooses a shorter route. Any fee/money transfer method and total amount is up to those two parties.

2) Forward (keep) your registration for your use in the next years Sequoia event. There will be no Forwards accepted within 30 days of The Sequoia. Additional fees may be required if you choose to do a longer route the next year. There are no partial refunds if you choose to do a shorter route. No-Shows/Late-shows may not Transfer or Forward their registration or receive any refunds.

For registration inquires: registration@westernwheelers.org

3) For any and all other options/reasons/excuses/explanations, before, during or after the Sequoia event: there are no refunds.

Thank you,
Sequoia Chair

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