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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club

Volunteer for The Sequoia 2018

The Volunteers that come out to support The Sequoia are evidence of what makes the Western Wheeler Bicycle club so special!  The Sequoia is a superbly challenging world class event for the serious cyclist.  Our goal is to build relationships that connect to and support local communities and to create camaraderie through cycling, all while raising funds that make all the other club events and rides possible throughout the year. You didn’t think the club dues covered all that did you!?

If this is the first time you’ve volunteered for the Sequoia Century, you’ll be very impressed by the fine event that the Western Wheelers contributes each year. The Sequoia riders really enjoy and appreciate the amazing level of support that they receive on this very challenging event.  If you've volunteered before, you know how smoothly this event runs and how valuable each and every volunteer is to that goal.  Nearly three hundred volunteers give their time and energy to make this event run so smoothly and successfully each year

There are many needful tasks before, during and after the ride, so you will find something you'll enjoy participating in!  To say Thank You! we offer our volunteers these choices listed below, ranging from a year's membership to a discounted ride to a discounted Sequoia jersey. We also have a Ride - Picnic - Fiesta! open to ALL the volunteers on the following Saturday.

2018 Sequoia Volunteer REGISTRATION LINK 

Volunteer Policy:

Volunteers are what make The Sequoia a great cycling event and the Western Wheelers a great club; we couldn’t do it without you! 

Western Wheelers have a long tradition of thanking our army of volunteers with a small gift. This year, we offer a choice of gifts to our hard working volunteer crew.

Those who volunteer for a task (or tasks) before, during or after the event, may choose one of these four options:

1-  A one-year Individual Membership in the Western Wheelers Bicycle Club.

2-  $25 discount off the early registration price for any day-of ride.

3-  Sequoia Jersey at cost -- $49. ($26 discount) (Contact sequoia@westernwheelers.org for the special discount code to use when ordering the jersey from Voler.)

4-  NEW! A challenging 27 mile day-of-Sequoia ride in and around the Portola Valley area, just for our volunteers.  This includes: some good climbs and great scenery, 1 rest stop, on route camaraderie with the other riders, the finish festivities and the post-ride meal.      (9:30-10am am start allows for many event-day volunteers too!)

Volunteers who work more than a day (9+ hours) in support of the Sequoia, either before and or afterwards, may choose to ride one of The Sequoia routes Gratis, rather than one of the 4 options listed above. The Gratis ride is not transferable to others, or to a future Sequoia event.

All Sequoia volunteers are cordially invited to come and enjoy the Sequoia Workers Ride - Fiesta the following weekend! 


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