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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club

2022 Board of Directors

President: David Schorow

I’ve been bicycling for enjoyment and fitness since my college days in Boston.  I was introduced to California cycling when I came to Berkeley for graduate studies.  Cycling and other outdoor activities have been my passion for most of my adult life.  I even met my wife Mona on a group ride at The Bicycle Outfitter.  In June, 2017 I retired from a long career in the computer industry, with the last 10 years as a manager and director of software development.  Retiring gave me the free time to cycle, and the Western Wheeler Bike Club provided me the means to do a variety of beautiful rides with fun people, many of whom have become good friends.  I typically ride two to four club rides every week and lead a good number of them.

Secretary: Patty Koel

While I’ve enjoyed cycling off and on my whole life, it wasn’t until 2016 when I retired and started riding with the Western Wheelers that my enthusiasm for cycling really took off. The club has introduced me to new friends, new routes, and a whole lot of support. Fitness, friends, and fun suddenly became tightly intertwined! In the next few years, I took a safety class, and I attended all the social events I could. Next I started sampling the LDTs. Somehow, in the natural progression of things, I got a new bike, and now I’m riding 3-4 days a week.

In 2020, I joined the board as a member at large, looking to discover how I could contribute to this fabulous club. Unfortunately, the pandemic limited the opportunities to jump in and get involved. In 2021, I became the club secretary. Thankfully, slowly but surely, the board has been able to safely restore many club activities this year. (Yay!!!) In addition to recording the minutes at our board meetings which you can find in the Flat Tyre, I contributed to the Sequoia-Tual as registration chair and to the Oktoberfest in a planning and coordinating role. I am very much looking forward to next year and thank you for your support!

Treasurer: Mike Rissi

I have been the Club Treasurer for several years and built a strong financial foundation for the Club with a healthy reserve. I actively participate in Club activities, including finance team leader for the Sequoia. I’m a strong advocate for recreational cycling to promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle. I have served as Treasurer and President for several local nonprofits - including the Portola Valley Schools Foundation and Music for Minors. My business background includes 30 years with Accenture, where I retired as a Managing Partner.

Ride Chair: Guy Shuman

I have been an active member and leader in Western Wheelers since 2003 and am regularly one the top ride leaders in the club, having led over 400 rides in just the last nine years. I have served the club as C Ride Coordinator, D Ride Coordinator, Email Lists Administrator, Sequoia Transportation Captain, Board of Directors Member, and for the past twelve years as LDT Coordinator, a period in which the LDT series has expanded and annual participation has more than doubled. I believe our club's main focus should be on rides of all levels by and for our members. Board members should be active club participants in all aspects of the club's activities. It has been my privilege to serve on the Western Wheelers Board for the past four years and hope to continue in 2022. 

Events Chair:  Fran Williams

I’ve been cycling for about 14 years now. It has become my passion, as well as my social outlet. What better way to enjoy our beautiful area, than to combine exercising and socializing with fellow cyclists? I enjoy riding with my WWBC family, as well as welcoming new members and getting to know them.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being an Events Chair, is planning club events and activities, such as the Spring Picnic, Ice Cream Social, and Oktoberfest, which bring our members together.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being on the board this past year, and serving as your Events Chairperson. 2021 allowed me to get back into the “planning” mode, and start putting events back on the calendar, after a very quiet year. I look forward to continuing to serve as your Events Chairperson and planning all these wonderful activities (and more!) in 2022.

Membership Chair: Vern Tucker

After spending 40 plus years in the title insurance industry, as an underwriter and claims handler I retired in 2004 and became active in the Western Wheelers Bicycle Club. I began by riding on every ride I could find and was physically able to do. A short time later I was asked to start leading a few rides and then I began leading some A, B and C rides. In 2006 I was approached to become the Membership Chair the position I still hold.

During my tenure as membership chair I have seen the club more double in size as we have gone from the membership paying their annual dues by check and moving forward to a computerized system where the majority of the members now join and or renew on line. We still receive several checks each month which must be processed by hand.

As membership chair I will continue to promote the club by reaching out to new cyclists, speaking to strangers while on rides, in bike shops and in general telling anyone who will listen what a great club we have. I have also held several board positions, including Commodore in the two different sailing clubs. I have also been a Explorer Advisor for a BSA Explorer Post, Merit Badge Counselor and was one of four male co-leaders for a Girl Scout cadet- senior troop specializing in backpacking for 20 plus years.

Sequoia Chair: Randall Braun

I have been an active cyclist "forever", and my first 100 mile ride was (one of) the first Sequoia Centuries, well over 45 years ago. I’ve been the president of the Davis Bike Club and their Double Century and Foxy Fall Century chairs, then published three route guidebooks called “The Cyclists Route Atlas” As many of you know, I invented RouteArrows twelve years ago and the Sequoia Century was again instrumental in allowing me to test my early prototype to mark their routes. RouteArrows are now my livelihood and my passion to help spread the joy of cycling. I decided to offer to help with the Sequoia to further that goal and for the pride and gratitude I feel to be able to live and ride in such a beautiful and unique place. With your help, I hope to continue to steward The Sequoia as the premier cycling event in the Bay Area and beyond.

Chief Editor: Peggy George

It has been a great experience working for the club this year to get the monthly Flat Tyre newsletter published, and to serve on the Board. For the coming year, I look forward to publishing a fun newsletter filled with engaging articles, photography, travel "blogs", and relevant stories related to cycling submitted by members.  

Beginning as a child cycling enthusiast, I completed my first long distance ride, about two hundred miles in Upstate New York, coinciding with the Landing on the Moon. We rode into the campground with our bikes and gear and with all ears tuned into the broadcast of the event coming from every direction and every campsite. I was hooked on cycling ever since.

I have been a member since before 2000, and in my first years, worked as the Sequoia Workers Ride leader, making sure all riders were well fed at lunch and rest stops, supported by a team of enthusiastic helpers. I look forward to continuing the work of the Flat Tyre Editor in the upcoming year. Thanks for your support!

Webmaster: Vito Mazzarino 

I discovered the freedom of biking at 5 years old, riding to school and cruising the neighborhood with friends.  Later my bike proved to be the best way to commute to work or relax on the weekend.  In October of 2017 I retired from a 40+ year career in Silicon Valley Tech and discovered the freedom again with the Western Wheelers.  I retired on a Friday, joined the club over the weekend and showed up to the Social Paced Coffee Ride on Monday.  I value the way I was welcomed and the way the ride leaders invested in teaching me how to ride in a group safely while having fun.  Over the past 4 years I’ve learned a lot while logging over 12,000 miles and meeting many new friends on weekly rides, the Long-Distance Training series and the Fall Fun series.

This past year I've managed the web site front end supporting member communications from the Events Manager, Movie Night Coordinator, Flat Tyer Editors and Sequoia Chairperson. The Western Wheelers is a special club, and with your support I will continue as a Board Member and Webmaster in 2022.

Members at Large

Bill Sherwin

Having grown up on the east coast, my first big bike adventure was a solo ride across New York State when I was 18. I graduated from Washington and Lee University in 1981, where I was the Secretary and Vice President for my fraternity. I spent three years in the U.S. Marines before making my home in Bloomington, Minnesota for 20 years. I joined Western Wheelers in 2010 when I moved to Belmont. In addition to serving as Secretary I have led many rides, assisted with LDT coordination for several years, and served as the Fall Fun Series Coordinator three times. I think Western Wheelers is a fantastic group of people and I have made many good friends on our adventures together.

As a Member at Large, I hope to continue to be able to focus on coordinating our Training and Safety programs that will help all of to be better riders.

Cathy Switzer

After retiring in 2015, and joining Western Wheelers, my cycling “career” moved on a new wonderful, fun trajectory. This Club has expanded my knowledge of local routes, created new adventures, and most importantly, introduced me to a terrific group of new friends. Giving back to the Club is important to me, be it as a Ride Leader, a member of the Skills & Safety Team, or best, as a ride participant. Joining as a At Large Board Member has been an ideal opportunity to contribute to the ongoing success of the Club.

Jean Symons

Back in 2005, I was terribly out of shape and horribly overweight. Granted round is a shape but it’s a shape I didn’t want. I saw a flyer on Team-in-Training training you to do a triathlon. So I joined Team-in-Training and did my first triathlon. But after a few years and seven more triathlons, it turns out I didn’t love doing triathlons. I didn’t really enjoy the swimming or the running but I loved the bicycling. I rode with a few friends that I made from Team-in-Training. But through the years, the group dwindled. In 2016, I joined the Redwood Shores bicycling Meetup group and rode with them. But they only ride on the weekends. In mid 2018, a friend told me about Western Wheelers. WW offers so many different rides and it’s every day of the week! Whoo Hoo!! That’s what I really like. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed riding with WW and have volunteered my help in several activities. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to contribute more by voting me in as a Member-at-Large. 

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