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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club

Coastside Community Fundraiser

The Sequoia Socks

Order your socks here

(Hi-viz color to match the Sequoia jersey)

All net proceeds go to Coastside and Cycling Charities:  

Back by popular demand in 2 color/design options. High quality socks by DeFeet.

We are offering the following options while supplies last:

  • One pair of pink for $15
  • Two pairs of pink for $25
  • One pair of orange for $15
  • Two pairs of orange for $25
  • One pair of pink & one pair of orange $25

Individual delivery not available, you must pick up your socks at a Western Wheelers event:

  • Pickup at a LDT ride
  • Pickup at the Spring Picnic Sunday, April 24th at Cuesta Park
  • Pickup at The Sequoia check in Saturday, June 4th at Bicycle Outfitters
  • Pickup at The Sequoia check in Sunday, June 5th at Foothill College

The Sequoia 2022 orange socks

Sock 1: Challengingly Beautiful 2022.             Sock 2: The Sequoia on both sides


Each pair will be one of each sock

The Sequoia Classic Pink Socks

Each pair will be one of each sock

DeFeet sock sizing
Size US Men US Women EU
S 4.5–6.5 6–8 36–39.5
M 7–9 8.5–10.5 40–42.5
L 9.5–11.5 11–13 43–45.5
XL 12–14 46–48

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