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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club

Download this letter to the Coastside Community as a .pdf

The Sequoia: To build a bridge! 

To the Coastside Community, 

The recent and ongoing allocation of The Sequoia proceeds to both Puente de la Costa Sur and La Honda Fire Brigade has a simple goal: It’s our club’s opportunity to say Thank You and to show that we cyclists want to be good neighbors. 

The Western Wheelers Bicycle Club hopes that by sharing some of the modest annual Sequoia proceeds, we will demonstrate that we are truly thankful for all that the Coastside Community has to offer. 

Moreover, as the local representatives of the greater cycling community, we want to express our collective appreciation for the year-round access to the incredible and diverse beauty, the safe, peaceful and challenging world class roads, the rich agricultural history, the delicious food, the warmth of the people and their generous understanding of our occasional transgressions. 

Those fortunate enough to live between Skyline Blvd and Hwy One have chosen to do so for multiple reasons; some are recent transplants and many have roots older than the trees. We cyclists are just honored visitors, lucky tourists, and blessed guests. Yet we come “over the hill” for many of the same reasons. From the seat of our bikes we feel the same sense of wonder at what exists over there. We love the same fresh earthy smells, the same deep rich colors, the sun, the wind and the fog. 

We know that our small contribution won’t save the world, but we hope that the intent will be understood, that our combined voices will be heard and our numerous thankful smiles and friendly waves will be seen. We envision the day when The Sequoia event and we cyclists are fondly anticipated, enjoyed and appreciated by the surrounding communities, which will be a win-win-win for all of us. 

Respectfully yours, 

The Sequoia- an event organized by the Western Wheelers Bicycle Club. 

Download this letter to the Coastside Community as a .pdf

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