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Team Page for the Canary Challenge 2016

We are participating in the Canary Challenge, a premier cycling and fundraising event to benefit the Canary Foundation. Funds raised by the Canary Challenge go directly to the cancer early detection research and innovative clinical programs through the Canary Foundation. The funds we raise will stay right here, helping with prevention, early detection and treatment for this disease.  Learn more about the CanaryFoundation.org.

                        You can make your donation for any amount here.

Consider these facts:

   Cancer strikes about one in three women and one in two men in the U.S.

   In 2014, new cancer cases were estimated to total 171,330 in CA and 1.7 million in the US.

   Chances of survival are greater if cancer is diagnosed when still confined to the organ of origin (stage I).

   Survival rates decline as tumors enlarge and spread regionally (stages II, III) or distantly (stage IV).

Early detection saves lives by identifying cancers when they are most curable.

We will raise at least $400 per team member. We’ll train, fundraise and prepare for the Challenge. We are very excited about doing it because many of us have been affected by cancer, either personally or through a family member or friend. We can't do it without your help. Please join us in supporting the Canary Foundation and their research in early cancer detection.

Thank you in advance for partnering with us or joining the team.  For more information contact Brian Hennessey or Richard Rosenberg.

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