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The “R&R Series”

The R&R Series is back for 2017!  This ride series has two main goals: 1) to introduce fellow WW club members to well organized existing events located in unique, beautiful areas of California and 2) to lend support for these events that strive to support their local community!  These are off-the-beaten-path, small town friendly, well-organized events mostly in areas with good roads and very light traffic.  Randall Braun & Ron Dell'Aquila, will be your hosts again in 2017 and they will provide support with carpooling, lodging recommendations, use of an enclosed, secure 10-bike trailer, and lots of local knowledge!  If you’ve wanted to experience some truly wonderful rides out beyond the Bay Area, but didn’t know where to start – this is a great opportunity to go with your WW buddies and discover your new favorite century!

The R&R series begins on February 25th and ends on October 21st. They’re all standard pay-to-ride events, with entry fees that vary from $40-$100.  The standard R&R route choice will be the 100k/65m option (if it exists) ridden at a moderate B/C pace and finish in plenty of time to enjoy the post ride refreshments. The group will generally ride together with regroups, though riders are welcome to ride their own pace and distance, given the existing event support.  The one unique event of the group is CycleOregon - a wonderful, week-long fully supported camping tour that takes place in early September. If you've ever considered trying a multi-day tour, this is the one!

As these are all entry fee events,You are responsible for registering and paying for those you choose to participate in, as well as reserving and paying for your hotel accommodations. In almost all cases, we will depart the day before and usually in the morning to avoid traffic.   We'll stay in a nearby hotel or Airbnb so the sooner we commit to the event the better the lodging options! Is some cases, if we snooze, we will loose the option to stay near by!  We know that committing to an unknown event isn't easy, but in these cases we believe it's worth it! 

So if you’ve ever wanted to venture out, try some new rides -- experience well-organized, moderately challenging events in beautiful, low traffic areas, with a great group -- then the R&R Series is for you! 

                                     This is how the R&R series works: 

1) Follow the “Yes, I’m interested…” link below and fill out the “register” form.  This will let us know you're interested in the R&R series and learning more, but no commitment yet.   Some events have little or no "pressure" but some will fill very quickly after their reg opens!   The Party Pardee is already filled and the 2017 CycleOregon will probably fill quickly after it opens!  To register/pay for the events and/or look at the events website, follow the links found in the individual events information below. 

2)  Peruse the individual event links below and see which ones pique your interest!   There are two links in the info below:  The first is the “Register with R&R Series here”  This link takes you to the R&R Series specific event registration which means: “I want to go on that event with our WW group!”  This does not register you for that event, but it is your commitment (strong interest) to participate in that R&R event.  This is very important information that helps us plan for the travel and lodging needs of the group!  You can always call or email Randall with any questions about any of these rides!  

3) The second link is to the individual event website.  This is where you’ll register and pay for that event and that you want to go to. So if you know you want to go, register as soon as you can!  Again, this helps us plan and it helps the event plan too!

4) The Party Pardee is an event that has already filled quickly but after it fills, they do offer a wait-list on their registration page to facilitate Registration Transfers.  Lodging the the Ione area is limited and pricey.

5) We recommend booking your lodging ASAP. Those options and links will be sent out when you register with the overall R&R Series.  The earlier you book, the greater your lodging choices. It’s better to book early and cancel later if needed. When camping is the intended or primary choice, i.e. Fall River, we will provide the information needed there.  In terms of planning, we will do our best to make this process as simple and easy as possible!  The R&R Series will organize and share group contacts, whenever possible. Given the unpredictable nature of weather these days, event plans might need to be changed/canceled at the last minute. The R&R series/WW Bike Club is not responsible for any un-refunded reservation fees or lost travel expenses.  

Yes! I'm interested in hearing more about the R&R Series!

The “R&R Series” 2017 event calendar.

The estimated of driving times use Mountain View (Hwy 101 @ Hwy 85) as the starting point.   Except for the Chico Wildflower and the Delta Century, the R&R Series events (ordered by date) are all on Saturday.


2/25/17  BC/.8/65   R&R Series   Pedaling Paths to Independence sponsored by the Community Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired. .  Join with your fellow WW riders on this 2017 kick-off R&R Series event! This event has friendly small town charm, very gentle terrain on rural/agricultural roads, a catered finish line meal and it supports a very worthy cause. Two route choices: 25 & 65 mi.  The 65 mi is a counter-clockwise loop in very gentle terrain, a great early season ride.  If there is interest, the group can reserve nearby lodging for Friday night or drive the morning of.  LODGING:  Motel 6 in Lodi (1140 S Cherokee Lane, Lodi, 95240. Lots of other options very close by)  Carpools, mtg. times, posted soon! If you want more info --> Register with R&R Series here.   Ride loc: Linden is E. of Stockton, 95 miles from Mountain View.  The reg page is a bit tricky, call me if needed.   Reg NOW OPEN!  www.pedalingpaths.com  The 2016 event started off gray and damp but finished bright blue and lush green! Don't miss this one!  

3/4/17  BC/2.3/60   R&R Series   Kings River Blossom Ride sponsored by the Reedley Lions Club.  The second R&R Series event, the K.R.B.R. is known for gentle, quiet roads through blooming fruit and nut orchards, a pleasant mid-route climb into the rolling pine and oak forested foothills alongside the Kings River west of Kings Canyon NP.   shorter and longer routes are avail.  LODGING: Friday night 3/3 @ Edge Water Inn, Reedley 93654, very near Start/Finish. R&R Mtg Loc.  Dinner: on G St in downtown Reedley 6pm. Ride start: Reedley College Northeast corner lot, 7am for a 7:30 start.  Register with R & R Series here.  Ride Loc:  Reedley is SE of Fresno, 185 miles from Mountain View.  Reg. NOW OPEN!   www.blossombikeride.com   The 2016 event also started out damp, which deterred many of you, but it turned into a spectacular day with amazing floral displays of stunning cherry blossoms and lush wildflower meadows. The delightful mid-route back-road climb and descent of Sand Canyon is amazing!

4/1/17  BC/2.5/64   R&R Series   Party Pardee sponsored by the Sacramento Bike Hikers.   Join R&R on this wonderful early season event!  The Party Pardee has 50k & 100k options and they traverses the same rolling routes every year with views of Camanche Lake, green hills, pine forests and rolls across the beautiful Pardee Dam before returning to Ione.  There is a fun BBQ/beer party & expo at the finish!  Lodging in Ione, Sutter Creek and Jackson.  RV Camping is avail at Howard Park (@ start/finish).  R&R have designed their own shorter/easier ~75k route option if needed.  LODGING:  Motel 6 Lodi, Friday night, 3/31.  (see above) Carpools, mtg. times,  Please -->  Register with R&R Series here.   Ride Loc:  Ione is SE of Sacramento, 120 miles from Mountain View.   Lodging: YES a few spots are left!  Info upon request.  Reg NOW FILLED!   www.bikehikers.com   All is not lost! Go to their website and look for the Registration Transfer link, if you sign in there, you'll probably get a seat!  Last year’s ride was near perfect with great weather, lush green fields full of wildflowers and expansive vistas east across the Pardee Reservoir and a fun finish line tribal gathering!

4/8/17  BC/.7/64 R&R Series: Bike Around the Buttes sponsored by a local Children’s Diabetes Support Group.    A NEW R&R EVENT for 2017!  Three supported routes: 17.5m, 40m, 100m. The R&R will create our own “100k-ish” route option that takes advantage of their route support, also circumnavigates the striking Sutter Buttes, “the World’s Smallest Mountain Range”  but trims off ~35 miles from their 100mi route. These striking Buttes are an ancient volcanic remnant, right in the middle of the Sacramento Valley! Ride location: Sutter is N north of Sacramento, 160 miles from Mountain View. The route has a small hill early, but most of the clockwise route is through flat agricultural areas, mostly rice and almonds, and pastoral open land! LODGING: Ramada in Williams, 95987 for Friday night 4/7.  Dinner in Williams at Granzellas. Half hour drive to Start in the am.  If you want more info, please  -->  Register with R&R Series here.  Reg is NOW OPEN: www.bikearoundthebuttes.com  This is a truly unique location here in northern CA and if you’ve ever wondered about those big craggy mini mountain range up north of Sacramento, east of I-5, here’s your chance to see ‘em up close!  Often sited as "the worlds smallest mountain range!" 

4/30/17  BC/1.5/62 R&R Series Chico Wildflower sponsored by Chico Velo. Event on SUNDAY. The 5th in our Series, this century, their 36th annual, is a bit of a departure from the others as it’s a very large event with up to 4,000 riders on 7 routes! Chico Velo has used the same rural routes for many years and its well known for good food, beautiful scenery, gentle and challenging route options and a fun finish line meal & Expo. This is often titled a “Top 10 Century” and Chico is a very bike friendly town. The R&R lodging options include hotels & rooms available in Chico, RV & tent camp in the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds (@ Start/Fin). (Reserve camping opt. when you register!)  Ride Location: Chico, 205 miles from Mountain View. Carpools, hotels, mtg. times, etc. TBD. Register with R&R Series hereEarly reg fee is $75, increasing to $85 on 4/1. The week of fee is $100  Reg is NOW OPEN!www.wildflowercentury.org    

5/7/17  BC/0/62   R&R Series  Delta Century sponsored by the Stockton Bike Club.  Event on SUNDAY!  The 6th in the series and their 39th annual!  Though many cyclists think “flat” is a four letter word, the scenery and region are truly unique and beautiful, it’s one of the R&R favorites!   This bucolic ride has its Start/Finish at pastoral Jessie’s Grove Winery and features a very gentle route that travels through the vast Lodi wine region then out into the expansive Delta region to ride atop meandering levees while passing through the sleepy towns of Walnut Grove, Ryde and Courtland.  It crosses two cantilever bridges over the Sacramento River before returning to a nice finish line meal in a shady oak studded meadow at the winery.  Ride Location:   NW of Lodi, 99 miles from Mountain View. This event could be done as an “Over and Back” in one day.  Lodging choice TBD.   So -->   Register with R&R Series here.  Carpools, mtg. times, etc.  TBD.   LODGING:  TBD   Ride Loc:   W of Lodi, 99 miles from Mountain View. This could be done as an “Over and Back” in one day.  Century Reg NOW OPEN!  www.stocktonbikeclub.org

5/13/17  BC/2.5/61 R&R Series Anderson Century sponsored by the Enterprise Lions Club. The highlight of this route, imho, is an amazing stone wall; the extent and craftsmanship of the rancher’s monumental undertaking will totally blow your mind! The first third of this unique route is on gentle Sacramento Valley roads then it swings east into rolling hills with grass, oak and pine and many of miles of very quiet roads alongside miles of this amazing stone wall! The upper, eastern third is through beautifully lush forested areas, with a short climb or two, before a fast smooth descent back down to the finish. LODGING: Gaia Hotel & Spa, 4125 Riverside Place.  (530) 365-7077  it's very close to the Start!  More info?       -->  Register with R & R Series here.   Ride Loc:  Anderson is SE of Redding, 240 miles from Mountain View.   Carpools, mtg. times, etc.  TBD    Reg NOW OPEN!:  www.andersoncentury.com   Come on up to northern Ca with your ww's buds and see this beautiful area by bike! 

6/17/17  BC/0.6/62   R&R Series   Tour de Manure sponsored by the Sierraville Volunteer FD.   Reg. & info UNAVAILABLE yet.  Come along with your fellow R&R friends on the 8th event of the series and enjoy the spectacular, wide open Sierra Valley with its very gentle quiet roads and help support this very worthy cause, the Volunteer Fire Department! There are a few rustic hotels and restaurants in the region as well as nearby camping options. The R & R Series overnight lodging: TBD. Beyond the Century, the group will consider an extended weekend trip and ride or hike in the beautiful Gold Lakes area and soak in a nearby Hot Spring. Register with R & R Series here.  Ride Loc: Sierraville is N of Truckee on Hwy. 89. 244 miles from Mountain View.  Reg open soon:  www.tourdemanure.org/  Lodging: TBD

7/15/17  BC/1.9/63   R&R Series   Fall River Century sponsored by local charities.  A weekend event! The 23nd FRC has four routes available from 25 to 140 miles. For the 9th event in the Series, R&R have fashioned a beautiful and diverse 63 mile route that travels the best route portions, all with beautiful views of Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen! (maps provided) This century event is a fundraiser for numerous local charities and they provides friendly support for each Rest Stop and it’s an R&R favorite! The Intermountain Fairgrounds with its large shady lawn right at the Start-Finish makes for a delightful 2 night campsite. There are restrooms and showers, and a pre-ride breakfast and post ride dinner (both included) all just a few steps away! Register with R & R Series here.   Ride Loc:  McArthur is 70 miles E. of Redding on Hwy 299, 320 miles from Mountain View.  Reg NOW OPEN on line and via mail in reg form:   www.fallrivercentury.com

9/9-16/17  BC/2.5?/~60 miles per day. R&R Series  Cycle Oregon!  sponsored by Cycle Oregon. A week-long (with 1 layover day) fully supported camping Tour:  If you’ve ever considered (even for a moment) doing a week-long bike tour, this is the one. Their level of planning, support and connection to the local communities is truly amazing. “C-O” is a self-contained, all-inclusive, fully-supported camping tour with cyclists from all over the world and an army of local volunteers. This tour provides amazing roads, routes and scenery and the meals, beer garden, yoga, mechanics, massage and nightly entertainment are sweet icing on the cake. Register with R & R Series here.   The 2017 route announced: it's "The Classic!" This years stunning route includes: Tumalo State Park, high desert sage, the Amazing Crater Lake, small towns, deep forests, and volcanic mile high McKenzie Pass!  Reg: NOW OPEN & Filling fast! Tour Reg/Info link: www.cycleoregon.com/  This years start/finish is in central Oregon, near Bend, so it's a very scenic drive for us in CA.  We had over a dozen WW's ride the 2016 tour and they all loved it, this years group is looking great too!

10/7/17  BC/1.7/64   R&R Series   Konocti Challenge sponsored by Lakeport Rotary.  The Next to last R&R Series event of 2017! This is a true “jewel” and an illustration for how to organize a great community based benefit ride.   All the proceeds go to local charities. The scenic 64 mile route is a clockwise circumnavigation of Clearlake, the largest lake within CA. Each of the rest stops is staffed by volunteers from different local charities that compete for “Rider Favorite” and the winner receives a larger % of funds raised. This century often wins Cycle California’s “Best Metric!”      Register with R & R Series here.  Reg OPENs Jan 1stwww.konoctichallenge.com/    Ride Loc:  Lakeport is NE of Santa Rosa, 165 miles from Mountain View.

10/21/17  BC/.7/64   R&R Series   Foxy Fall Century sponsored by Davis Bike Club.  The final R&R Series event of 2017!  NEW R&R Event for 2017!  This gentle rural event has up to 1500 riders and traces its roots back to the late 60's.  A classic late season wind down!  The counter-clockwise route has well stocked rest stops staffed by DBC volunteers.   Yours truly was the route director and event chair of this event back in the early 80's and it inspired me to author my first bicycle route guide book:  The cyclists Route Atlas, now out of print.    Register with R & R Series here.  Reg:  OPENs June 1st:   http://www.davisbikeclub.org/  Ride Loc:  Davis is west of Sacramento, 95 miles from Mountain View.

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