Western Wheelers Bicycle Club

Impromptu Rides

Any Western Wheelers club member may propose an Impromptu Ride.

How to list an impromptu

The Ride Listing Assistant in the [RIDE LEADERS' RESOURCES] in the menu at right (when you’re logged in) helps you compose a complete and correctly formatted ride description. Or, if you have composed a correct AND complete ride description, you can email it to impromptus@westernwheelers.org. Ride descriptions lacking essential information cannot go in the Ride Calendar. Missing details delay a ride posting until the missing information is provided. Rides posted only to the wwbc email list will not be listed on the Ride Calendar nor will they receive ride credit.

Reasonable lead time

Rides submitted by 8 PM, two calendar days before the ride (e.g., 8 PM Thursday for a Saturday ride) will be listed on the Ride Calendar if all the required information is included and the formatting is consistent with Ride Calendar entries. Missing information and/or formatting requiring rework delays adding the ride to the Ride Calendar. Rides submitted closer to the ride date may or may not make it onto the Ride Calendar as the process cannot be automated and a person must update the Ride Calendar. The Statistician includes credit for the rides posted on the Ride Calendar.

Ride sign-up sheet

The ride leader brings an official sign-up sheet (download the PDF form) to the ride start. Members print their name on it to receive ride credit (and cell number, in case of emergency). Guests sign and print their name and date to accept our Release and Waiver as a condition of their participation. Send the completed form to the statistician by the end of the month so that members will be properly credited with their rides in the monthly statistics reports.

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