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Using the Forums

Reading, Posting and Subscribing

Reading the Forum Topics –

The Forums are open to both the Members and the public for viewing. Only Members are permitted to post new topics or replies. Members do not need to be logged in to read forum topics, but do need to be logged in to post.

Many of the forums will have several 'permanent' topics that will serve as a bulletin board to post announcements about a certain topic (e.g. Ride Cancellations, or C Impromptu rides). In these cases, if you are interested in getting email notices, you should subscribe to the individual topic rather than the entire forum. Then your email will contain the full text of the announcement. Forum level subscriptions will only contain the subject line and a link to the post. 

Forum navigation –

Navigation is fairly simple. We encourage you to explore the forums and try the various navigation links you find there. The main menu and tabs will always be available, so if you get lost or confused you can always get back to a familiar page. You can return here for more detailed information. 

The Forum summary page shows the most recent posting date for each forum in a link that you can use to go directly to that topic. In the example below the most recent post in the Ride Leaders Forum is from Sept. 16 and clicking on the link shown will take you directly to that topic. 

If a forum has more topics or replies than fit on a single page you will see a series of navigation links that will allow you to go one page forward or back, to a specific page number, or to the first or last page in a thread. 

Posting New topics and replies –

Only Club members are allowed to post in the discussion forums and you need to be logged in in order to post. In the example below you can use either of the Create topic buttons (at the top or bottom of the page) to create a new topic. if you are viewing a specific topic the 'Add a Post' button appears in place of the 'Create Topic' button and you would use that to post a reply to the topic you are viewing.

You will then see the following page where you can enter a subject line and the text of your post. 
When you are finished push the 'Create' button to post your topic entry in the forum. We will describe the Subscribe option next. 

Subscribing to get email notifications –

Subscribing to individual topics in a forum, or the entire forum, is completely optional. It is not necessary to subscribe in order to visit and read the forums or to post topics and replies. The purpose of subscriptions is to send you email notifications of activity. Topic subscriptions contain the entire text of the post, whereas forum level subscriptions are a digest with links to the forum.

Certain 'permanent' topics are used in many of the forums to function like a bulletin board, for example the 'C Impromptu Ride' topic. All C Impromptu rides will be posted as a reply to that topic. So you can subscribe to that topic and receive email notifications of just new C Impromptu rides. 

To subscribe, to an individual topic or an entire forum, use the 'Subscribe' link (See example below) while viewing that topic or forum. That link is a toggle, so if you are already subscribed it will say 'Subscribed (Unsubscribe)'. That allows you to cancel your subscription if you desire. 

Note about the frequency of email notifications – The default for all subscriptions is for a daily digest of activity, with the exception of the Ride Cancellations topic which defaults to immediate notification. We recommend you stay with the default settings and they should serve all but any exceptional needs.  But you have the option of changing any subscription to Immediate or a Weekly summary. You change the frequency by editing the email settings in your member profile. It is a bit complex so see the Help on Updating Your Email Settings if you need assistance. 

Note about multiple subscriptions – If you have multiple subscriptions the system will combine the activity in a single notice.  

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