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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club

D/3-4.5/35-70 Hills R Us

  • Wed, December 07, 2022
  • 8:45 AM
  • See Blog

Route varies weekly and often includes Hwy 9, Page Mill, Old La Honda, Kings Mountain, West Alpine or Tunitas Creek. Always be prepared for variable weather on Skyline. Foul weather in the hills keeps the ride in the valley. Rain cancels.

Start Location, route, lunch stop (or lack thereof), weather forecast and leader(s) announced 1-2 days beforehand via the the HRU Blog>

Download or print the route/cue sheet, Ride Leaders do not provide route sheets.

This is a social-paced D ride with regroups; C+/D+/E riders are welcome to form separate groups.

Ride Leaders rotate weekly - Don Johann, Cathy Switzer, Jack Jones and Steve Rempel

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