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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club

LDT RIDE: HEALDSBURG WEEKEND B/3(2900’)/37; C-/3 (3300’)/41; C+/4 (4800')/51; C+/3.5 (4600’)/57; DE/4(7000-8000’)/71-81

  • Sat, March 20, 2021
  • Healdsburg, CA


Registration is closed

REGISTRATION: Please register for our "2-3 day weekend" rides, so we can plan better. (Registration is not a strict requirement, so feel free to decide at the last minute if necessary. Registered riders will receive detailed logistics information.)

Our “away” weekends will be a little different this year in that we won’t be able to have our usual group dinners and wine/cheese parties around the pool. That said, we still expect a fun weekend. All destinations include numerous outdoor dining options, so riders will be able to go out in small self-organized groups. See below for accommodation information – as usual make reservations early but be sure they are cancellable…

LDT logistics have been changed for 2021 to adapt to COVID restrictions!

  • For Saturday LDT rides, riders can sign in and start at any time during a 30 minute time window.
  • We have suggested start times for each ride level, but all riders are welcome to start at any time during the window.
  • Riding groups should not exceed 15-20 riders.
  • All riders must be WWBC Members.
  • As with all WWBC rides, face masks are mandatory for everyone at ride start and at regroups (see details below).
  • PRINT ROUTE SHEETS AT HOME – no paper route sheets will be distributed!
  • Make sure you “SIGN IN”– we are required to have attendance information for all riders! ("Sign in" will be done verbally at check in table. (Alternately you can text Guy at 650-704-0895. Be sure to include your full name and which route you are doing.) 


  • B/3(2900’)/37; 
  • C-/3 (3300’)/41; 
  • C+/4 (4800')/51; 
  • C+/3.5 (4600’)/57; 
  • DE/4(7000-8000’)/71-81

All rides start in downtown Healdsburg, allowing riders to bike to the start from their hotels in Healdsburg. B/C routes allow easy shortcuts if weather or fatigue necessitate, but carry plenty of water and snacks! B/C (and "Short C+") riders climb Geysers Road from the East side up first big ascent to (or beyond) the “Three Ranches” viewpoint (passing through two short gravel sections) then backtrack to lunch in Geyserville. After lunch B/C riders explore beautiful West Dry Creek Road. LONG C+/D/E riders take a longer more remote loop that traverses the traditional Geysers Loop in a clockwise direction, starting in Healdsburg. This remote C+/D/E route has no services after Mile 17, so riders must be self-sufficient and prepared to do the full ride before finding any services! There is one very steep section (1.5 miles at about 15%). After descending, long C+ riders go directly to Healdsburg (57 miles) while DE riders climb beautiful Pine Flat Road, either to the Rob Roy Flat Overlook (6 mile climb) or the end of the road (11 mile climb). All routes have extensive climbing, so be prepared with plenty of water and snacks. Rain cancels. Online route sheets/maps/gps. See additional ride listings for Friday and Sunday.

INFO: Guy Shuman (shumansteiner@gmail.com or 650-704-0895).

MEETING TIME: Starting March 20th  (for Saturday LDT rides) the start window will be 9:00-9:30 am.

Suggested ride start times for those who want to ride in a group:

      C+/D/E  Riders:     9:15 departure

      B/C-  Riders:     9:30 departure                           

MEETING LOCATION: Meet in Healdsburg at the free public parking area on Matheson Street, one block west of Plaza Park (follow signs to “All Day Parking”). There are public restrooms at the start.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Make reservations early if staying overnight! Contact leader with questions. Many options available in area, but less expensive lodging options can be found near Santa Rosa or Cloverdale (15 miles). All rides start in Healdsburg.  No Saturday group dinner or  pre-dinner wine & cheese party in 2021 due to COVID restrictions.

Recommended lodging:

1.       Fairview Inn (Healdsburg), 707-433-5548 or expedia.com.

2.       Best Western Dry Creek Inn (Healdsburg), 707-433-0300 or drycreekinn.com.

3.       Hotel Vinea (Healdsburg),  707-433-0101 or www.hotelvinea.com.

REGISTRATION: Please register for our "2-3 day weekend" rides, so we can plan better. (Registration is not a strict requirement, so feel free to decide at the last minute if necessary. Registered riders will receive detailed logistics information.)

NOTE: To manage group sizes, club rides are currently open to Western Wheelers members only.
 Learn about becoming a member 

Do not join club rides if you are sick (cough, sore throat, fever, loss of smell).  Riders must maintain a safe distance (minimum six feet) from each other.  No drafting, pace lines, spitting or blowing noses into the air during rides.  All riders must have a face covering (eg. mask, bandana, neck gaiter/buff or other without vents) to be worn at the start of each ride and whenever you are not able to maintain six feet of distance from anyone outside your household(eg. during regroups).

There is risk in all gatherings, since people without symptoms can transmit COVID-19. Participation in club rides is voluntary.  Members assume the full and complete risk that is associated with exposure to and infection by COVID-19 during such participation.  Please note that in the event Western Wheelers is asked by the department of public health for a list of riders participating in any club ride for purposes of Covid-19 exposure tracing, Western Wheelers will comply with such requests.

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