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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club


  • Wed, February 24, 2021
  • 9:45 AM
  • Shoup Park, Los Altos

HRU logistics have been updated for COVID restrictions

  • Riders sign in* and start at any time during a 15 minute time window
  • Please keep riding groups to fewer than 10-15 riders
  • All riders must be WWBC Members
  • As with all WWBC rides, face masks are mandatory for everyone at ride start and at regroups

Sign in* 9:45 am – 10:00 am. Riders can roll out at any time

* Sign in – Email the Ride Leader with your name & estimated start time. If you join mid-ride, and don’t see the ride leader, still send an email - we are required to have attendance information for all riders.

This week, the Coastal Classic via Page Mill, West Alpine, 84, Stage and Tunitas Creek. This is a social-paced D ride with regroups; faster riders are welcome to form a D+/E group. Rain cancels.

Bring lunch, we'll eat at the Bike Hut 

ALERT: Be prepared for extra traffic for the descent on Kings Mountain Road due to East 84 weekday closure between SkyLonda and Portola.

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Cue Sheet >
Weather forecast > (check out that wind forecast...)

Ride Leader - Cathy Switzer

NOTE: To manage group sizes, club rides are currently open to Western Wheelers members only. Learn about becoming a member >

Review Guidelines for joining Club Rides >

Do not join club rides if you are sick (cough, sore throat, fever, loss of smell).  All riders must have a face covering (mask, bandana, neck gaiter/buff or other without vent) to be worn at the start of each ride and whenever stopped (eg during regroups).  Riders must maintain a safe distance (minimum six feet) from each other.  No drafting, pace lines, spitting or blowing noses into the air during rides.  

There is risk in all gatherings, since people without symptoms can transmit COVID-19.  Participation in club rides is voluntary.  Members assume the full and complete risk that is associated with exposure to and infection by COVID-19 during such participation.  Please note that in the event Western Wheelers is asked by the department of public health for a list of riders participating in any club ride for purposes of Covid-19 exposure tracing, Western Wheelers will comply with such requests.

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