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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club

California Bicycle Specialty License Plates

  • Thu, September 30, 2021

Order your plate here: https://calbikeplate.com/

In October 2019, the California Department of Public Health and Friends of the California Bike Plate launched the new “Bike For A Healthy California” special Interest License Plate.  

"If members of a bike club, team or employees of a business buy 60 license plates, their logo will be placed in the top banner space of this website as a “Metric” supporter. Buy 100 plates and be a “Century” supporter! In addition, your club, team or business will receive a "Bike Plate Silver or Gold Medal icon". Place the icon on your website showing your support of the “Bike For A Healthy California” license plate program."

When you purchase, or if you’ve already purchased, send Cathy Switzer an email with your name & zip code and she'll add you to the WW list of purchasers to submit to CDPH.

Funds from the sales of the license plates will go towards grants available to County Health Offices, schools, nonprofits and community based organizations through a competitive application process. Grants will focus on physical activity featuring bicycles and cover the following areas: 

  • Safe places to ride bikes: encourage bike lanes, paths and trails
  • Earn-A-Bike programs: for at-risk and marginalized youth
  • School programs: Safe Routes to school, bike skill development and nutrition education at 4th and 5th grade, clubs and teams at middle school and high schools
  • Promote bicycle use as a regular mode of transportation: providing greater access for bikes in urban and suburban areas
  • Safety education for cyclists and drivers of automobiles working with local law enforcement        
CDPH has until September 2021 to take deposits on 7,500 license plates - and the gauge on the site shows only 800 or so - we have a ways to go - if every WW member buys one, we’d DOUBLE the current number of deposits!

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