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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club

B+/3227 (41')/3.1 HALF MOON BAY LOOP.

  • Sat, July 20, 2019
  • 9:45 AM
  • Half Moon Bay

 Meet Terria Brewer (wvbrewer@yahoo.com, 6503471952) at 9:45 AM at Mac Dutra Park, corner of Main and Kelly Streets, Half Moon Bay. [Check parking limits] Bill Sherwin is leading the "D" ride, and Lisa Burque is leading the "C-" ride at the same time. I have lopped off  the Higgins Canyon climb and Lobitas Creek from their ride. Added Lobitas Creek Cut-Off. If it's windy, I think climbing the entire length of Stage will be more than enough for us but I am open to suggestions. Just like the others we will have lunch in Pescadero. You may pre-order your sandwich from Arcangeli's Grocery at (650) 879-0147 (9am-6pm) but there are other options. Let's get out and ride!Half Moon Bay Loop: https://www.strava.com/routes/20399224 .

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