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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club

Volunteer - BEFORE the Ride

  • Sun, June 02, 2019
  • Multiple Locations


(depends on selected options)

Base fee:
  • See Randall Braun for description
  • Frank Houghton + team of 2 others

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Volunteers, we need you!

How to Register

1. Review the volunteer activities from the list below.  The descriptions will change as the captains review and modify the needs.

2. Register by clicking on the [Register] button in the left column.

3. The confirmation letter of your volunteer registration will contain information about your volunteer gift .  To register for more than one activity, simply click [Register] again, then [New Registration].

Job Descriptions

BEFORE the Ride (thru) Saturday, June 1

Baked Goods Bake 5 dozen cookies or similar baked goods.  Jani Richards

Chocolate Milk Coordinator. Gather ice chests, get ice, set up cooling pools.  Coordinate crew to hand out chocolate milk at the Finish Line.  Two shifts of two each needed. Captain TBD

First Responder Notification 

Food & Gear Distribution Food and gear distribution is done on Saturday, the day before the ride. Trucks containing the food and equipment for all venues are brought to the distribution site on the Foothill campus: Lot 1H (under Solar Panels). Volunteers sort the food and equipment for each rest stop and help load cars and vans of the rest stop volunteers. Lunch/drinks will be provided.  Vicki Pelton

Early Check in Merchandise Sales Sell and distribute Sequoia pre-ordered merchandise. Includes socks, jerseys. Saturday - 11:30 AM - 7:00 PM. 2 Shifts.  The Bicycle Outfitter, 963 Fremont Avenue, Los Altos.

Early Check in Riders Distribute maps-queue sheets, wristbands & other rider info and collect waivers. Take registrations (if available). Saturday - 11:30 AM - 7:00 PM. 2 Shifts. The Bicycle Outfitter, 963 Fremont Avenue, Los Altos. Bert Nelson

Food Planning and Ordering Create master list of items and place orders with vendors. Requires one person with a Costco business membership and a location (business location preferred) to accept delivery of the items on the Friday before the Sequoia. Requires one person to work with the team captain on Friday before the Sequoia with a truck or minivan to go shopping for needed Requires one person to work at the Foothill College site on Saturday distribution day 8 am - 1 pm.  Pick up lunch for the volunteers and shop for missing items. Bettina Vinsant

Recruiting/Volunteer Now through Fri, May 31 @ your home! Work to fill vacant Sequoia volunteer positions. Task begins after the team captains have done initial recruiting of new and previous volunteers. Announce to the club that online sign-ups are open. Determine what additional volunteers are needed and contact individual members to fill needed openings.  Last minute recruiting will be needed to fill any needed volunteers in the days before the ride.   David Lerner (Filled)

Rest Stop Captain Set up the meetings schedule for Rest Stop captains/workers to teach the requirements for safe food handling and customer service.  Work with the rest stop captains to ensure they all have the needed items and that they understand the requirements for a safe, well organized rest stops and share our famous techniques o"we're here for the riders!"  Vern Tucker (Filled)

Route Marking and Signs Before the ride, develop route marking team plan. Determine needed signage. Order and acquire Route Arrows, signs and needed tools. Have multiple teams of 2-3 drive specified segments of the course to apply Route Arrows and put up all needed signs. Fletcher Johnson 

Notice to Neighborhoods Distribute small flier to homes on Moody, Page Mill, West Alpine, and Pescadero Creek Rd.  Place on mail boxes or gates and on community billboards; Robert’s Markets (Woodside and Portola Valley), Ladera Market, La Honda Market, Norms Market, etc.  Flyers will be especially prepared for this task.  

Friday Loading Fri, May 31 - 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM Storage locker, Mary St, Cupertino. Volunteers will move/load equipment from the storage locker into the large rental truck. SOME MODERATE LIFTING INVOLVED Transportation Captain Guy Shuman. 

Saturday Transportation Unloading Sat, June 1 - 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM Foothill College, Los Altos Hills. Volunteers will pick up rental vans as needed, then assist in picking up supplies at various vendors as well as unload/reload the large truck at the distribution center. Lunch provided. Transportation Captain Guy Shuman. 

Poster & Flyer Distribution. Contact Joan Marshall joanmarshal@outlook.com to volunteer. 

More Info/Questions? sequoia@westernwheelers.org

Sequoia Chair: Randall Braun

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