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2018 R&R Series Information

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  • Thu, November 01, 2018
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The “R&R Series”

September 2, 2018 update:

There are three R&R’s left this year (other than Cycle Oregon) -- the first three weekends in October. 

The one with the most “value” i.e. doing something to help the world, is the Konocti Challenge on Saturday Oct. 6th

I’ve volunteered to help mark their route with RouteArrows, and given the huge fires again this year, their community focused efforts are all the more important/needed. 

The Golden Hills Century on Oct. 13th  is a pleasant bike-club-organized ride on nice quiet, gentle roads in Stanislaus Co. 

They do some philanthropic giving, and it’s an enjoyable ride. 

The last one is the Davis Bike clubs Foxy Fall Century on Oct 20th.  I was the chair of that event back in the mid 80’s so it has a warm and fuzzy place in my heart. It’s a large event, usually over 1200 riders and it’s a nice end of the season ride.

2018 has been another great year for cycling.  The R&R Rides have been great this year.

* * *

We’re continuing the popular R&R Series for 2018!  These hand-picked events located in unique, beautiful areas with great route support, low traffic and bucolic scenery. These off-the-beaten-path rides are small town friendly, well-organized events that really benefit their local communities. The R&R organizers, Randall Braun & Ron Dell'Aquila, who’ve ridden & vetted all these events, will be the hosts. They will provide support with carpooling, hotel recommendations, use of an enclosed, secure 10-bike trailer, and lots of local knowledge. If you’ve wanted to try new rides, but didn’t know where to start – this is a great opportunity to go with your WW buddies and discover your new favorite places to ride. Call Randall @ (415)-265-4663 or rgbraun@earthlink.net for more info.

This calendar of 12 existing organized one day events begin in mid February and end in mid October. They’re all standard pay-to-ride centuries, with entry fees usually from $40-80.  The R&R group will do the 100k/62m route option to allow riders time to enjoy the area at a moderate pace and the post ride refreshments. The group will generally ride at a B/C pace with social regroups, though riders are welcome to ride at their own pace and distance, given the existing centuries options and support.  The one exception is  Cycle Oregon! - a wonderful, week-long fully supported camping tour that takes place in early September and this years route up in NE Oregon is stunningly beautiful, so don't miss out!

You are responsible for registering and paying for the entry fees for the any of the events you choose to participate in, as well as reserving and paying for any hotel accommodations. For most of the events, we will depart the day before (usually in the morning to avoid traffic) and stay in a nearby hotel.  When you register your interest for any of these events, the lodging and or camping options, meeting locations and departure times will be sent to you. Of course, it you’d like to travel/stay on your own and just ride the century with the R&R group, that’s ok too.  

So if you’ve ever wanted to venture out, try some new rides -- experience well-organized, moderately challenging events in beautiful, low traffic areas, with a great group -- then the R&R Series is for you! 

This is how the R&R series works: 

1) Sign up on this page for R&R Series information. This will tell us who's interested so we can send out emails to keep you informed of upcoming event travel plans and weather updates.

2) There is a link in each listing to the century event website.  This is where you’ll register and pay for the events of your choice.  If you know you want to go on any of these centuries, register as soon as you can, this helps the event and solidify your upcoming ride calendar! 

3) We also recommend booking your hotel(s) ASAP.  The hotel options will be noted or available when you register for the R&R Series.  The earlier you book, the greater your lodging choices.   It’s better to book now and cancel later if necessary.  We will try to stay in one hotel (whenever possible) to simplify logistics during the event.  The R&R Series will not provide transport to any hotels not on the list or out of the immediate ride start area.  When camping is the intended or primary choice, i.e. Fall River, we will provide the camping information.  In terms of planning, we will do our best to make this process as simple and easy as possible!  The R&R Series will organize and share group contacts, when and as possible. Given the unpredictable nature of weather forecasting, event plans might need to changed/canceled at the last minute. The R&R series/WW Bike Club is not responsible for any un-refunded reservation fees or lost travel expenses. Consider trip insurance, if you want to protect your expense outlay.

REGISTER ON THIS PAGE IF YOU'D LIKE TO HEAR MORE ABOUT THE R&R Series.  (Click on the REGISTER button on the top left corner.)



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