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Western Wheelers Bicycle Club


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The Sequoia 2023 is canceled. This is likely upsetting news for both our riders and wonderful volunteers. Like you, we are deeply disappointed. This was a very difficult decision to make.  After careful consideration, the WW Board decided there simply was no safe way to hold the event.  

The closure of Highway 84 in March has had a significant spillover effect on traffic.  While our routes never used 84, cars headed to or returning from Skyline are now using Old La Honda, Page Mill, and King’s Mt. While 84 is open by Alice’s, more drivers using King’s Mt. to ascend are continuing on Tunitas to get to the ocean. 



The Sequoia 2023 requires permits.  We recently learned the Town of Woodside would not be issuing our use permit we submitted in March.  Woodside does not plan to authorize any bike event until 84 is fixed. The permit engineer indicated King’s Mt. is experiencing an average of 7,000 cars per day. We estimate there would be 10 cars per minute on King’s on Sunday, June 4th, creating an unsafe descent for our riders.

Unfortunately, the increased traffic means unsafe conditions for cyclists on Page Mill and all other routes we explored to bypass Woodside.


We all celebrate that the weather has finally turned to Spring!  This is great for all of us that love getting out on our bikes.  Unfortunately, the better weather also means even more cars making the trip up to Skyline and out to the ocean.  


  • Requested refunds for registered riders have been completed.

  • San Mateo County is making progress repairing HWY84 but not enough to consider a Sequoia ride in 2023, please join us in 2024.

Please enjoy the good weather, stay safe.


The Western Wheelers Board

Send any questions to registration@westernwheelers.org

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